Fire upgrade coating for timber doors

Upgrading timber door fire class

Intumescent coatings for upgrading the fire classification of timber doors.


Electric cable protection

Protecting Electric cables from fire

Protecting Electric cables from fire using our versatile ECPS

National Oceanography Centre


Upgrading fire performance of ducting at The National Oceanography Centre

Fire curtain

Protecting a Supermarket

Adding fire protection with our Insulated Fire Barrier Curtain

Upgrading Lath & Plaster ceilings

Updating a listed property in the centre of Canterbury

Period joinery upgrades

Numerous Envirograf products were used to upgrade period doors whilst retaining important period features.

TV Studio room where fire barier curtains are now installed at East Anglia University

Fireproofing at University of East Anglia

Installation of our FB70 Fire Barrier Curtain for the TV Studio at the University of East Anglia

king george hospital stramit board ceilings

Stramit Board Protection at King George Hospital

Protecting Stramit Board ceilings using Product 105 – EPCP Fire Resistant Coating

West Midlands Fire Services HQ

Aluminium Mullions Upgrading at WMFS Headquarters

Intumescent Steel Coating offered effective fire protection for Aluminium Mullions of the West Midlands Fire Services HQ Car Park

fireproof upgrade for steel beam

Fireproof Upgrade for Exposed Steel Beam

Nicola and Alex upgraded the steel beam in their home extension using our Intumescent Coating for Steel.

Intumescent fire protection sleeves to protect cables, pipes and trunking

Wall and Ceiling Passive Fire Protection

Achieving wall and ceiling fire protection using Product 110 – Firoblock Intumescent Sleeves.

magdalene college

Fireproofing Timber at Magdalene College

Achieving Spread of Flame protection for structural and non-structural timber with Product 92 – QVFR

gables house - aerial view

Roofline Protection at Gables House, Cambridgeshire

Providing Surface Spread of Flame fire protection with Product 92 – ESVFR coating

Envirograf Cavity Barrier Strips around window

CV Strips for New Build Homes

Installation of Product 55 – Cavity Barrier CV Strips around openings to provide protection for hundreds of new-build residential homes

AAM using SA20 Adhesive

Fire Protection with Custom WPCS Collars

Pipe Protection using custom Intumescent Collars and SA20 Adhesive installed by AAM

Royal Treatment using Fire Paint Combo

Protecting timber substrates with Fire Rated Coatings at Princess Royal Sports Arena, Lincolnshire

Steel Paint for Metalworks in Ramsgate

External application of Product 83 – Intumescent Coating for Steel and Aluminium onto structural steelwork

Roof Barrier System for St Mark's Hospital

Installation of suspended ceiling barriers at St Mark’s Hospital

Pig House, Norfolk

Fireproof Paint for CLT at Pig House

A combination of our Product 42 – Intumescent Paint for Wood was applied to the internal surfaces of CLT to provide effectual passive fire protection

IFB Curtains installed at Stowe House

Fire protection curtains were installed at an old heritage building, Stowe House in Buckinghamshire


Cavity Barriers at Savoy Estate, London

Installation of RSM and Fast Fix cavity barriers, providing effective passive fire protection to the building cavities at the Savoy Estate, installed by Richardson Roofing

Fireproof coating for The Oxford Fire Door Company

Upgrading The Oxford Fire Door Company timber doors to fire doors with HW01

Installation of fireproof inspection hatch

Fireproof Inspection Hatch installation

Installation of Envirograf’s Fireproof Inspection Hatch to public buildings

fireproof beams at Judd House

A Fireproof Future for Judd House

Application of Envirograf HW system to fireproof beams at Judd House by Markwell Peck

Installation of Electrical Consumer Unit Cover

Approved installers Terry Baker Electrical Contractors Ltd had successfully installed Envirograf’s electrical consumer unit installation cover within a residential property

Slotted Ventilation Grilles at Oxford

Slotted ventilation grilles were supplied to and installed by Evolutions Fire Protection Ltd

Fireproof Coating at The Fitzgerald

Stramit Board ceilings sprayed with EPCP in the Underground Car Park at The Fitzgerald, Sheffield

Cavity Barriers at Watermark, Hackney

Our SCT cavity barriers provide internal passive fire protection for buildings

Crown Place, Portsmouth

Installation of RSM cavity barriers offers excellent passive fire protection for rainscreen cladding

Before & After Installing protection for Electrical Consumer Units

Protecting Electrical Consumer Units

One of our approved installers, Evolutions Ltd, affixed our Fire Protection System to an existing Electrical Consumer Unit

Art coated in HW02

Protect the Tigers

Protect the Tigers – Art by Faith Bebbington made from 300 plastic milk bottles. Coated in HW02 to achieve Class 0 spread of flame protection.

Intumescent Fire Collars, Saddles and EB Boxes

One of our approved Installers, Verus Group Ltd, using our Intumescent Collars, Saddles and EB Boxes

Intumescent Gaskets fitted at Pembury Hospital

Tunbridge Wells Hospital at Pembury

Intumescent gaskets fitted in already existing recessed electric boxes within Pembury Hospital

Oaklands FBTS-Cavity-barrier

New Timber Frame Development in St. Albans

Cavity Barrier protecting new development of timber frame studios.

Canary Wharf Crossrail Station fire protection with intumescent coating

Canary Wharf Crossrail Station

Intumescent coatings are used to provide fire protection to timber and steel construction.

Finchley Road cavity barriers

Living the High Life on Finchley Road

Rainscreen cavity barriers used to protect concealed cavities between cladding.

School Yard Cavity Barriers

Back to Basics at the School Yard

Flexible strip cavity barrier used to provide cavity seal.

Aldershot pavilion

New Aldershot Garrison FA Academy pavilion

ES/VFR coating protects new football pavilion in Aldershot

Eagle house RSM cavity barrier

RSM cavity barriers in a prestigious London project

RSM cavity barrier used at Eagle House, 161 City Road, London

Coventry University outside

High-Tech building in Coventry

Glulam beams protected with ES/VFR coating at Coventry University

Intumescent Coating2

Talking Business at Colchester Campus

Intumescent coatings protecting timber frame structure of the new Business School in Colchester, University of Essex.

Fire protection cabinet

Captain Scott's unique heritage carving

Fire protection cabinets for valuable items.

Dartford football stadium

Football is coming home to Dartford

Innovative plywood structured roof at Prince Park Stadium.

Log cabin fire protected

Protecting wooden Anglers' Lodge

Log cabin clubhouse and leisure facility at Eye Kettleby Lakes.

Wood cabins protected4

Protecting rural wooden log cabins

Intumescent fire retardant coating helping to meet fire regulations.

Longshaw Farm Fishery coating protection

Protecting Longshaw Farm Fishery

Intumescent coating preventing spread of flame.

Flame retardant for decking

Flame retardant for decking

Flame retardant coating used to protect decking.

Samfundet School Norway

Protection for Norwegian timber school

Intumescent fire retardant paint used to protect Samfundet School in Norway.


Standing the test of time

Fire protection coatings used at Woodlands Enterprise Centre and Fairway Business Park.


Top of the tree

Intumescent protective coatings for wood used at Tree Centre.


Council steels protection

Non-fibrous board used for fire protecting structural steel elements.


Protecting a Pharmacy conveyor belt

Motorised drop curtain helping to protect Royal Glamorgan Hospital.


Steeped in history - protecting a treasure of the past

Motorised Fire Prevention in Rochester Cathedral.


Motorised Fire Prevention in Edmonton School

Fire prevention lessons must not be learned the hard way!


Reception Office Fire and Smoke Barrier Curtain

Westminster Motor Insurance Association gets into top gear with Envirograf® motorised fire protection.


Product 90 at the Heart of Community Protection

Motorised drop curtain used at Colchester General Hospital and the Northbourne Centre, Bournemouth.


A Quality Finish at Kilworth House Hotel

Range of passive fire protection products used at Kilworth House Hotel.


Farnham Castle steel framework

12th century Farnham Castle protected with intumescent steel paint to meet building regulations.


Intumescent steel paint used over existing coating

Intumescent steel paint used to protect swimming pool to provide 1 hour fire protection.


Discreet self-closing hinges

Product 71 self-closing door hinges used in a mixture of 148 homes on the Fletcher Homes Heritage Park.


Royal 'encloser' on Parade passes inspection

Self-closing hinges used instead of unsightly door closer.


Refurbishment hinges on Envirograf® products

Self-closing hinges used to comply with building regulations.


Protecting Abbey House Nursing Home

Staircase protected with motorised drop curtain at Abbey House nursing home in Grimsby.


Fireproof parachute on the up

Fireproofing a parachute with 3-2-1 Spray.


Countdown to Christmas with 3-2-1

Fireproof spray provides protection for Christmas trees.


Barnstorming protection

Fire barrier curtain protecting thatch roof at Mosely’s Barn.


Fire barrier curtain protecting bats

Compartmentalizing the roof space whilst allowing free bat movement.


Thatch roof fire protection made simple

Fire protection curtain for thatch roof installed in Cottenham, Cambridge


Anglo-Nordic co-operation in timber fire protection

Norwegian-style log cabin protected with fire barrier curtain and fire retardant paint.


Below thatch roof fire protection

An authentic African village protected with fire barrier curtain.


Under-floor fire barrier protects Grade 1 Porch House

Grade 1 star listed Porch House protected with under-floor fire barriers.


It's ‘bin’ a burning desire at King Street

Intumescent fire containment box providing protection for public bus station bin at King Street, Mildenhall, Suffolk.


Protecting Glebe Barn cottage in Wales

Self-closing hinges and door upgrading fireproof paper used in Glebe Barn.


Hold it! Timed delivery from here to Maternity

Magnetic timed door holder used at Nevill Hall Hospital in Abergavenny, Gwent.


Beach huts and cabins protected against arson

Flame retardant and fire protection coatings used to protect beach huts at Tankerton seafront.


Fire protection for barn conversion

Intumescent coatings helping to conform to current fire regulations.


Fighting arson with help from Envirograf®

Lincolnshire Council uses HW Coating System to protect wooden structures from arsonists.


Singing the Praises of Excellence

Intumescent coatings used to protect Westminster Choir School.


The Envirograf® Cure

JNR Tower Curing works conversion to Time & Tide Museum.


Ace results for Cherrywood

Door upgrading products used in  Paladian style Stanmer House in East Sussex.

Intumescent Ventilation Grilles used in Crown Pools

MG ventilation grilles used to protect Crown Pools in Ipswich.


Fire-protected lighting at HOMEBASE

Tents for Lighting and Air Conditioning used to protect Homebase stores.


Perfect Partners at Gosfield Hall

Door fire protection products used at Gosfield Hall, Essex


Priceless protection at Thornham Parva Church

Protecting the unique oak retable at Saint Mary’s Church.


Pillow talk prevents unnecessary exposure in Hospital

Intumescent gap filling products have been used to protect services in Weston General Hospital. Products 1, 5 , 41

Envirograf ® products are tested to British Standards & European Standards at approved test centres.

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