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It’s ‘bin’ a burning desire at King Street


Intumescent fire containment box providing protection for public bus station bin at King Street, Mildenhall, Suffolk.

Accidental or malicious fires are a constant threat to any public building, and the new bus station in King Street, Mildenhall, Suffolk is certainly no exception. This distinctive modern architectural design by Johns Practice of Newmarket has created an eye-catching external structure to complement the surroundings, with top-quality contemporary internal fittings. The bus station should be a very welcome addition to this charming Suffolk town. As the bus station will be in constant public use, the sections housing litter bins could fall prey to arsonists or an accidental fire could start. The brief of the architects and the building control office was to find a form of defence against fire caused by burning cigarettes and other ignited materials placed into the litter bin. The architects and building contractors Godfrey and Hicks consulted Jenny Hull of Anglian Intumescents, who suggested the use of an Envirograf® Product 52 intumescent fire containment box. This product is more commonly used as robust protection against arson attack through letterplate openings. To ensure that the litter bins could be emptied and maintained easily, the fire boxes had to be specially adapted to house an internal fire resistant removable section. The internal section can be easily lifted out of the main box to empty litter and then simply returned to provide a robust defence against attack. Litter bins and waste extraction areas in shops and public places are considered by many fire prevention experts to be a constant danger to the public, so the Envirograf® fire containment litter bin will surely become commonplace in any future or existing building specification.

Products used

Intumescent Metal Fire box


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