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Fire Protection with Custom WPCS Collars

AAM using SA20 Adhesive

Pipe Protection using custom Intumescent Collars and SA20 Adhesive installed by AAM

Product 13 – WPCS Intumescent Collars were installed around PVC and metal pipes, including fireproof profile sponge, adhered using Product 60 – SA20 Adhesive at a construction site based in Milton Keynes. Large PVC and metal pipes passing through walls and ceilings required passive fire protection. Due to the corrugated metal design, extra-long brackets were supplied with the WPCS collars to affix onto the surface, providing sufficient support and protection. Once measured and manufactured, the collar was simply screwed onto the surface around the pipe. Upon installation, in the event of a fire, the intumescent within the collar crushes plastic pipes and cools down metal pipes to prevent fires from spreading between compartments. Our innovative SA20 Adhesive is manufactured with MS Polymer® technology, suitable for use on metal and other surfaces to create a fire seal.

WPCS Collars are designed with metal brackets, supplied with screws, to affix to walls, floors or ceilings where pipes pass through. In the event of a fire, the intumescent within the collar will expand to seal the pipe, creating a fire barrier and compartmentalising fires before they spread. In this case, the pipes were fitted at a problematic angle, prompting our team to provide a suitable solution. We manufactured extra-long brackets for our collars that could fit around the pipes and onto corrugated metal surfaces, affixed with heavy-duty screws. Our multi-purpose, heat-resistant SA20 adhesive was also used in conjunction with the fireproof sponge profile to create a fire seal and provide additional fire protection.

Our Intumescent WPCS collars have been rigorously tested at accredited test centres, achieving 245 minutes of integrity and insulation at Warrington Fire and 120 minutes fire protection at Efectis, Netherlands.


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