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Protecting Electric cables from fire

Electric cable protection

Protecting Electric cables from fire using our versatile ECPS

Here’s an intriguing case study of a significant project completed by Fire and Thermal Installations Ltd. It showcases the use of 21 fire breaks, along with our ECPS wrap system for protecting electric cables from fire.  The goal was to achieve a minimum of 90 minutes of fire protection at a transmitting station.

As a critical infrastructure facility, the transmitting station in question required robust fire protection measures. The use of 21 fire breaks was a unique approach to fire protection, as it involved strategically placing fire-rated walls and doors throughout the facility. Designed to prevent the spread of fire and contain it within a specific area, the ECPS wrap system was also incorporated into the design.

The implementation of these fire protection measures was critical to ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment at the transmitting station. The use of fire breaks and the ECPS wrap system also helped to minimise downtime in the event of a fire. This approach allowed for quicker recovery times and minimised the impact on operations.

Overall, the case study demonstrates the importance of implementing robust fire protection measures, particularly in critical infrastructure facilities. The use of 21 fire breaks and the ECPS wrap system is a unique approach that can provide enhanced fire protection.  Moreover, it can minimise downtime in the event of a fire.

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