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Upgrading Lath & Plaster ceilings

Updating a listed property in the centre of Canterbury

Walpole House is a late 18th century Grade 2 listed property that now forms part of the King’s School Estate in the centre of Canterbury. The rear elevation has a mediaeval portion which is the porch to the original Archbishop’s Palace.

As part of a major refurbishment programme, it was necessary to upgrade the fire integrity of the lath and plaster ceilings to satisfy current regulations. Envirograf Product 105 was applied to provide the necessary protection without affecting the physical elements of the ceilings or their beautiful appearance.

Ceilings treated with one coat of EP/CP/P Primer at 10m² per litre and 3 coats of EP/CP Intumescent Coating (Product 105) at 8m² per litre per coat.  The many rooms and other areas treated include the Headmaster’s study, Common Rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, corridors & bedrooms.

For further details of the product used, please click the link below.

Product 105 – Fire Resistant Coating for Lath and Plaster


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