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Upgrading timber door fire class

Fire upgrade coating for timber doors

Intumescent coatings for upgrading the fire classification of timber doors.


In today’s construction industry, prioritizing fire safety is crucial, particularly in residential buildings. Upgrading the fire classification of timber doors is essential for safeguarding occupants and property in the event of a fire. Intumescent coatings play a pivotal role in enhancing the fire resistance of timber doors. Envirograf, a leading manufacturer in fire protection products, has been at the forefront of providing innovative solutions for this purpose.

The residential door upgrading project in Great Yarmouth presented the need to enhance the fire classification of timber doors in a cost-effective and efficient manner. The project required a solution that not only met stringent fire safety regulations but also maintained the aesthetic appeal of the doors.

Challenges Faced:

• Ensuring compliance with fire safety regulations without compromising the visual appearance of the timber doors.
• Achieving the required fire resistance rating within the specified budget and timeline.


Envirograf’s range of intumescent coatings provided the ideal solution for upgrading the fire classification of the timber doors in the Great Yarmouth residential project. The intumescent coatings offered a proven and reliable method for enhancing fire resistance while preserving the natural beauty of the timber doors.
Envirograf’s technical team collaborated closely with the project contractors, Fire & Thermal Installations Ltd, to assess the specific requirements and provide tailored recommendations. The application of Envirograf’s Product 42 intumescent coatings was carried out with precision, ensuring seamless integration with the existing door finishes.


  1. Enhanced Fire Protection: The application of Envirograf’s intumescent coatings significantly improved the fire resistance of the timber doors, meeting and exceeding the required fire classification standards.
  2. Aesthetic Preservation: The intumescent coatings seamlessly blended with the original door finishes, maintaining the visual appeal of the residential property.
  3. Cost-Effective Solution: Envirograf’s products offered a cost-effective method for achieving the desired fire classification upgrade, avoiding the need for door replacements or extensive modifications.


The successful implementation of Envirograf’s intumescent coatings resulted in the transformation of the timber doors, providing enhanced fire safety without compromising the overall design and functionality of the residential property. The project served as a testament to the effectiveness of Envirograf’s products in meeting the evolving demands of fire protection in diverse construction settings and the efficient professionalism of the Fire & Thermal team.


The residential door upgrading project in Great Yarmouth exemplifies the significant advantages of utilizing intumescent coatings, particularly those offered by Envirograf, to enhance the fire classification of timber doors. By prioritizing safety, aesthetics, and cost-efficiency, Envirograf’s innovative solutions continue to play a pivotal role in promoting fire resilience in residential and commercial structures.

Products used:

  • Doors and door frames were treated with Product 42 White System, HWAP Primer, HW01 White Intumescent Coating and HW Excel White Top Coat.
  • The natural finish wood was treated with Product 42 Clear System HWAP Primer, HW02/N Clear Intumescent Coating, and HW Excel Clear Top Coat.
  • Upgrading the glass windows on a single door involved using our XYZ Film along with XYZ liquid adhesive.


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