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Envirograf products are tested to British Standards & European Standards at approved test centres

We pride ourselves on being the best when it comes to fire safety innovation and standards


Envirograf are pleased to announce that we are now yearly 3rd party assessed by EFECTIS Holland on all products both manufactured and assembled. Also progressing with the ETA (European Technical Assessment) where by the end of 2018 all materials and manufactures will be CE Approved.

In the laboratories of the EFECTIS Group, a wide range of tests can be performed with burners, calorimeters, and smoke measuring instruments. Igniting all kinds of products in a specific way, for a specific time, can help to determine the fire performance of a product and its contribution to a starting fire. Ignitability, heat release, smoke development, and loss of weight can be discovered through testing. Efectis can provide this testing at competitive rates.


Also known as B M TRADA

Fire resistance testing for a wide variety of passive fire protection products used in construction.

Fire resistance testing of passive fire protection products is carried out at our specialist fire resistance testing facilities in Buckinghamshire.


B T T G Testing & Certification specialises in the testing and Certification of Personal Protective Equipment, Geosynthetics, Floor Coverings, and other construction products. It offers Certification to E U Directives.


For manufacturers – this service assures performance, quality, reliability, and traceability of all fire protection products and systems. The Certifier brand is recognised by regulatory authorities worldwide as an international mark of fire safety across a diverse range of products including hardware.



CIDEMCO Centre of Technological Investigation, is an organisation of private and non-profit character, that contributes actively to the economic and social development, supporting and promoting the processes of Innovation and Technological Development (I+DT) like strategies of competividad of the business surroundings.


DANAK is the national accreditation body in Denmark appointed by The Danish Safety Technology Authority, under the Ministry of Business and Growth Denmark. As the national accreditation body DANAK is responsible for accreditation of laboratories and companies.

We are in the process of obtaining ETA certification for our products.

Envirograf ® products are tested to British Standards & European Standards at approved test centres.