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Intumescent collar

Product 13

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Sturdy metal intumescent collar to fire seal openings around pipe and cables

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A hinged, two-part metal pipe collar lined with intumescent material which expands in a fire. Features a quick-release pin, opening the unit for fitting around a wide variety of metal or plastic pipes and cables. Will cool down metal, steel and copper pipes, preventing heat from spreading, thus stopping fires. Available in various sizes.


– Due to its heavy duty nature, it is a great fit for industrial buildings

– Provides up to 4 hours fire protection for pipes from 45mm-650mm in diameter

– Acoustic version offers both airborne and impact sound protection

– Adjustable brackets allow for fitting in hard-to-access areas

Application Instructions

Prior to fixing, please ensure:
● Access for fitting is available
● Correct area of risk is assessed (double-risk areas may require two collars
● Correct size of collar appropriate to the pipe or service being protected
(See also Envirograf® Product 110 for hollow wall fixing).
The product must be installed correctly. Fixing lugs are already fitted to WPCS
collars. They can be fixed to solid structures with raw plugs with screws. It is
recommended that you pump a spot of Envirograf product 58 (intumescent Mastic)
into the previously drilled hole. For hollow plasterboard walls, fix with screws if there
are timber noggins to fix to, otherwise use steel toggle fixings. If WPCS are to be
fitted into an area where no noggins or blockwork to attach to, the lugs can be
re-attached to another part of the WPCS by drilling 1.5mm holes into the side of the
collar and screw into collar. WPCS’s MUST be securely fixed.

Please Note: WPCS/C for ceiling application is only available from 2 hours protection upwards.

WPCS/C comes with hinge and pin opening.



Case Studies

Order References / Sizes



REF                 PIPE SIZE          PIPE SIZE          EXTERNAL

                         INTERNAL        EXTERNAL          COLLAR

                        DIAMETER        DIAMETER        DIAMETER


WPCS 45           045mm              047mm              059mm

WPCS 55           055mm              057mm              069mm

WPCS 65           065mm              074mm              086mm

WPCS 75           075mm              087mm              103mm

WPCS100          100mm              117mm              137mm

WPCS127          127mm              137mm              161mm

WPCS150          150mm              167mm              195mm

WPCS175          175mm              187mm              219mm

WPCS200          200mm              212mm              248mm

WPCS225          225mm              237mm              273mm

WPCS250          250mm              267mm              311mm

WPCS300          300mm              317mm              369mm

WPCS350          350mm              365mm              421mm

WPCS400          400mm              422mm              486mm

WPCS450          450mm              487mm              563mm

WPCS500          500mm              527mm              607mm

WPCS550*         550mm              587mm              679mm

WPCS600*         600mm              627mm              723mm

WPCS650*         650mm              687mm              791mm


Available in range of depths from 30mm to 80mm deep, as well as fire rating from 1 hour to 4 hours rating.

Sizes marked with an asterisk* are made-to-order items. NB: WPCS—/1 = 1 hour; WPCS—/2 = 2 hours; WPCS—/4 = 4 hours

Please Note: WPCS/C for ceiling application is only available from 2 hours protection upwards.

WPCS/C comes with hinge and pin opening.




Please note that external pipe diameters may vary between different manufacturers and systems, and ambient temperature also affects dimensions. Please select the collar size most appropriate for your application, allowing a small clearance for ease of fitting. A close fitting between the collar and the pipe surface should be the aim, but the collar should not be unduly strained in order to close it around the pipe. A fireproof sponge filler strip can be provided upon request for special applications. Please enquire with details of your application for technical advice.


“Maximum external pipe diameter” was previously listed as “internal collar diameter”