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SA20 Multi-purpose Sealant Adhesive

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Heat resistant, multi purpose sealant adhesive suitable for a wide range of substrates

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Multi-purpose Adhesive

SA20 is a multi-purpose sealant adhesive. A new generation of sealant adhesive with MS Polymer® technology.

  • This unique blended sealant adhesive is suitable for adhering or sealing various common surfaces and also substrates. These include metal, glass, wood, plastics, polystyrene, fiberglass, tiles, concrete, and also stone.
  • Additionally, this product is low odour and solvent-free, paintable and ideal for internal and external use.
  • Furthermore, SA20 is resistant to water, UV, chlorine, and also mould.

Thus, once adhered, this is a strong construction adhesive that can take the weight of blocks, bricks and stones.

Moreover all SA20 varieties meet BS476 part 6 & 7 (1987).

Clear – 30 minutes fire integrity

White & Black – 60 minutes fire integrity (between timber)

White & Black – 70 minutes fire integrity (between block, brick and stone)

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• Multipurpose sealant adhesive
• High temperature resistance
• Internal and external use
• Low odour and solvent free
• Water resistant
• Paintable
• Does not shrink
• Can be applied to wet surfaces
• Resistant to UV, chlorine, mould and general weathering

Application Instructions

PREPARATION: Surfaces must be clean and degreased before application of sealant for optimum results and durability. Using a knife or sharp blade, trim the applicator nozzle by 1-2mm. Screw the nozzle onto the cartridge head and attach caulking gun. Where required apply masking tape to prevent spread of SA20 to unwanted areas.

APPLICATION: Pump caulking gun to release sealant into nozzle. Using a steady pace, apply evenly to surfaces that require sealing or bonding. Wash hands after use.

Order References / Sizes

SA20      290ml tubes available in white, black and clear