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EN/F Fire Resistant Intumescent Sealant

Product 146


Powerful intumescent sealant for sealing voids around services passing through fire-rated surfaces

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Intumescent Sealant

EN/F is a powerful fire-resistant intumescent sealant filler, available in dark grey and also white. Ideal solution to seal gaps around penetrations in both hollow and solid walls, including floors and ceilings.  Furthermore, when cured, the sealant is not affected by water.

Thus our EN/F Kit is an effective and economical sealing solution with a wide range of applications.

The kit comprises three 310ml tubes of water-based sealant

  • Two tubes of dark grey sealant
  • one tube of white finishing sealant

Dark grey EN/F1 filler is also available separately in 310ml tubes.

Tested for 2 hours fire protection and insulation in plasterboard hollow walls and brick, block walls.

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– Suitable for use with aluminium, copper, plastic and steel pipes up to 50mm diameter

– Can also be used for cables (including armoured cables, MICC and flexible cable types) up to 32mm diameter

– EN/F2, our white intumescent sealant, is ideal for use as a decorative finish and comes as part of the EN/F Kit

– Both EN/F sealant types are made of water-based materials which become water-resistant once cured

Application Instructions

The cartridges marked EN/F1 (the dark grey intumescent graphite compound) are for filling around theservices from 30mm into the hole and up to 10mm from the front surface. The cartridge marked EN/F2 (the white intumescent sealant) is used to fill the gap from the grey material to the front surface of the plasterboard or block wall. The surface can then be levelled using a decorator’s spatula. Once cured, the surface material can be painted over.
In plasterboard walls the hole must be 40mm larger in diameter that the services passing through. For example, a 50mm diameter pipe would require a hole size 90mm in diameter.
Solid Substrate:
For brick, block and concrete ceilings and walls the hole must be 30mm larger in diameter than the service. For example, a 50mm diameter pipe would require a hole size 80mm in diameter.

Order References / Sizes

Ref                                         Contains

EN/F1                                    1 x 310ml tube (dark grey)

EN/F Kit                                2 x 310ml tube (dark grey), 1 x 310ml tube (white)