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Fireproof Adhesive & Sealant

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Water-based intumescent sealant/adhesive

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Envirograf Fireproof Adhesive and Sealant

A water-based intumescent adhesive and sealant for fixing acoustic boards and glass cloth together and to brick, block, concrete, fireboard, metal, plasterboard, etc with no need for mechanical fixings.  There is no slumping in joints up to 25mm.  Tested to BS476 Parts 20/22 (1987), giving 2 hours fire protection to the joints.

Supplied in 310ml tubes.

To use, ensure that the surfaces to be adhered are dry and free from dust and grease.  If fixing barrier curtain and the fixing is subject to draught or wind, have some Envirograf Jointing Tape to hand as a means to hold the pieces together while the adhesive sets.

We provide a varied selection of fireproof adhesives, fillers, and sealants compatible with a range of materials. Browse our full range of Adhesives, Fillers, and Sealants products online.


– Low odour, solvent free and easy to use
– Single-component adhesive, strong enough to reduce the need for screws and nails

Application Instructions

Apply liberally to either surface (except in the case of fabric, when you should apply to both surfaces) and press together.  The sealant can also be applied into joints.  The basic drying time is approximately 15 to 50 minutes, however, do not expose the joints to water for 24 hours.  Once fully cured, this product is not affected by water.

Order References / Sizes

FPA Adhesive/Sealant


FPA/WT          310 ml tubes