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Wood filler

Product 64


Intumescent wood filler to fill gaps in wooden doors or surfaces

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A water-based, general purpose wood filler. Can withstand temperatures of up to 1000°C. Suitable for filling gaps around joints and sight panels on doors.


– Easily applied with a putty knife or paint scraper- Fast drying time, though this will vary based on thickness and ambient conditions
– Ideal for filling gaps and holes in timber prior to applying intumescent or fire retardant coatings

Application Instructions

It is advisable to wear gloves, although the Woodfiller is non-toxic, safe handling practices should still be implemented to avoid irritating sensitive skin.
If glue makes contact with eyes, flush thoroughly with water for at least 15 minutes.
Seek medical attention. For skin wash with soap and water.
The surface must be clean, free from all loose materials, dust, dirt, oil and any other contaminants.
Apply with a putty knife or paint scraper by pasting over the hole or crack.
For deep holes apply Woodfiller in several layers, allowing each layer to dry between applications.
Larger applications may shrink and crack on drying. Re-apply Woodfiller.
Clean tools with water.

Order References / Sizes

WF                                          250ml