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Fireproof coated intumescent sponge

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Flexible intumescent sponge for fire proofing a wide range of apertures

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Fireproof Intumescent Sponge

Fireproof Intumescent Sponge impregnated and coated with intumescent material. Very flexible, but remains stable in small or large apertures. The sponge will not burn, it will simply char, in the event of a fire. As a result, it provides an extremely effective fire-stopping barrier, in effect providing passive fire protection.

Available in sheets or strips from 10mm to 100mm thick to suit a variety of fire-stopping applications. See our references tab for the full availability of sizes. Additionally, unaffected by water or chemicals. The intumescent material is a substance that swells as a result of heat exposure, therefore leading to an increase in volume and decrease in density

For multiple uses:

  • Small or large expansion joints or movement joints under raised computer floors
  • Between glass screen walls such as rainscreens with or without ventilation and concrete floors.
  • Between metal cladding and concrete
  • Modular buildings on top of each other.

Tested to BS476 Parts 20 and 22 (1987) achieving 240 minutes integrity and 138 minutes insulation. EN1366-3:2009 achieving 88 minutes. Thermal resistance testing was carried out to EN12667.

Fire barriers provide an effective solution for gaps or voids within buildings that require fire protection. Browse our full range of fire barrier products.


– Provides 1-2 hours integrity, dependent on thickness- Available in a range of thicknesses from 10mm-60mm
– Can be used as an expansion joint in fire walls, floors, concrete slabs and steelwork
– Non-fibrous sponge, ideal for under raised floors in computer suites and in hospitals
– Sponge will expand in a fire, making it an ideal seal for service penetrations through a range of substrates
– Installing at a depth of 30mm into the wall will achieve 1 hour fire protection, where at a 40mm depth it achieves 2 hours fire protection

Order References / Sizes


Used for filling up openings or to use around existing services, the kit comprises:

  • One bag of assorted sizes of black fire protection coated sponge
  • One tube of Acrylic Mastic
  • One tube of EN/F1 filler

Please call for price and to order this repair kit.



One hour protection


(Into wall)

REF                        DEPTH                  THICKNESS         GAP SIZE                                                              1m length

FCS1/30/10          30mm                    10mm                     2 – 10mm

FCS1/30/15          30mm                    15mm                     2 – 15mm

FCS1/30/20          30mm                    20mm                  10 – 20mm

FCS1/30/25          30mm                    25mm                  15 – 25mm

FCS1/30/30          30mm                    30mm                  20 – 30mm

FCS1/30/40          30mm                    40mm                  30 – 40mm

FCS1/30/50          30mm                    50mm                  40 – 50mm

FCS1/30/60          30mm                    60mm                  50 – 60mm


Two hours protection


(Into wall)

REF                        DEPTH                  THICKNESS         GAP SIZE                                                              1m length

FCS2/40/10          40mm                    10mm                     2 – 10mm

FCS2/40/15          40mm                    15mm                     5 – 15mm

FCS2/40/20          40mm                    20mm                  10 – 20mm

FCS2/40/25          40mm                    25mm                  15 – 25mm

FCS2/40/30          40mm                    30mm                  20 – 30mm

FCS2/40/40          40mm                    40mm                  30 – 40mm

FCS2/40/50          40mm                    50mm                  40 – 50mm

FCS2/40/60          40mm                    60mm                  50 – 60mm


FCS200/20           20mm                    200mm

FCS200/30           30mm                    200mm


REF                                                        THICKNESS                                                                                         1m x 1m

FCS 10                                                  10mm

FCS 15                                                  15mm

FCS 20                                                  20mm

FCS 25                                                  25mm

FCS 30                                                  30mm

FCS 40                                                  40mm

FCS 50                                                  50mm

FCS 60                                                  60mm