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Easy Clean Silicone Cloth Curtain

Product 127


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Easy Clean Silicone Cloth Curtain

Envirograf Easy Clean Silicone Cloth Curtain, a double-coated, flexible and waterproof fire curtain. For thermal protection against radiant heat. Also easy to fit with FBC1 metre-long metal straps (Product 57) with fixing holes pre-drilled 300mm apart. Individual pieces of cloth can attach at their edges with staples (not supplied) along the length of the join.

  • Waterproof specification makes it suitable for application in “clean” areas, as it is wipe clean.
  • Moreover offering up to 100 minutes of fire protection.

Furthermore, used as a drop curtain or as a roller curtain with an electric motor. When activated the curtain will drop and will roll back after test. The Easy Clean Silicone Cloth Curtain can also be cut with scissors and overlapped by 25 to 50mm and joined with adhesive (supplied). When fixing the curtain to steel, concrete or wood use FB/C1 metre long metal straps with fixing holes pre-drilled 300mm apart for fixing.


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Order References / Sizes

Ref                        Width
SFC100/1000    1000mm
SFC100/1300    1300mm
SFC100/1550    1550mm
SFC100/1800    1800mm


SA1                      1 litre adhesive