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Insulated Fire Barrier Curtain

Product 54


Insulated fire and smoke barrier for use over flat surfaces or around protruding services

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A fire barrier curtain offering up to 100 minutes integrity and 79 minutes of radiant heat protection. Easy to fit with FBC1 metre-long metal straps with fixing holes pre-drilled 300mm apart. Individual pieces of cloth joined at their edges with staples (not supplied) along the length of the join. Made to order.


– Provides up to 100 minutes integrity and 79 radiant heat protection – Can be fixed to timber or steel trusses, between concrete soffits and suspended ceilings, or wrapped around metal trunking to upgrade existing fire protection
– Can be easily wrapped around services or structures and fitted into hard-to-reach areas such as corners
– Metal fixing straps mean it can be easily affixed to concrete, brick or fibre battens for timber

Order References / Sizes

Standard Version

IFB/1                       Insulated Fire Barrier          One hour               1000mm

IFB/2                      Insulated Fire Barrier         two hour               1000mm

Version with Sound Insulation

IFB/1/S                   Acoustic Fire Barrier           One hour               1000mm

IFB/2/S                   Acoustic Fire Barrier           Two hours             1000mm


Fixing straps need to be ordered separately (see below). Please state type of fixing required.



For steel, timber or concrete or suspended ceilings fixing. 

REF                        LENGTH                                                                                                                                       

FB/C1                     1000mm


Pre-drilled metal plates for ease of fixing.                                                                                                                                 

FB/FP                     30mm x 40mm

Where the curtain is in contact with T-bars, we can supply a U-clip which enables the curtain to be folded over the T-bar and U-clips pressed onto T-bars with pliers.

 FB/CLIP3               For suspended ceilings fit one every 500mm

TB                           Turn Button Clip for making door openings

White adhesive tape for joints and around services.

ST50                      50mm wide          50m roll

ST75                      75mm wide          50m roll

Fireproof adhesive is supplied for the 50mm overlap joints – brush applied. If extra is required, order the following:                                                                                     

FPA/WT                 Fire proof adhesive (water-based) 310ml

FPA/W                    Fire proof adhesive (water-based) per litre

See Product 137 for aerosol spray adhesive 500ml (HI-TAK)