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Hi-Tak spray adhesive

Product 137


Spray adhesive for use on fabrics, cardboard and other fibrous materials

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A fast-setting bonding spray adhesive with high tack. Suitable for bonding and laminating a range of materials including cardboard, fabrics as well as fibrous materials.


– Can be used to bond and laminate polyurethane foam, fibre, fabrics, cardboard, hessian, fibrous materials, insulation, polythene foam and more

– Will bond the above materials to a range of substrates, such as timber, masonry or metal

– Ideal for adhering various Envirograf® products, such as our fire barrier curtains (Products 56 and 57) in fire protection applications

– Comes ready-to-use in a 500ml spray canister and is very simple to apply

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HI-TAK          500ml aerosol spray adhesive