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Water-based intumescent adhesive (IA)

Product 46


Water-resistant, thixotropic intumescent adhesive, ideal for use in door upgrades

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Acrylic Thixotropic Adhesive

A water-resistant and fire-retardant intumescent adhesive. Designed with intumescent, thus providing effective fire protection.

  • Ideal for use in bonding a wide range of materials used in fire-resistant applications
  • Excellent for fixing materials such as wood, plasterboard concrete, carpet foam backing, ceiling tiles, ceramic tiles, etc… Applied at 4m² per litre
  • Available in ½ litre, 1 litre, 2 ½ litres and 5 litres tubs as well as 310ml tubes

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The intumescent adhesive achieved successful testing when used to adhere Envirograf intumescent paper onto door panels. Tested on various doors with differing constructions, achieving integrity and insulation up to 68 minutes. Tested to European Standard EN1363-1 (2000) achieving 2 hours integrity.

Useful in conjunction with the following Envirograf products: Product 38 – Intumescent Material and Panelled Door Upgrade Kits (Intumescent Cloth), Product 39 – Intumescent Expansion Joints, Product 40 – Fireproof Coated Intumescent Sponge, and Product 41 – Fireproof Sponge and Profile Sponge.

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– Provides up to 125 minutes integrity and 55 minutes insulation- Specially designed for bonding paper, card, wood, foams, coated glass cloth, polystyrene, vinyls and foils to each other and most common construction materials

Application Instructions

Surfaces should be cleaned prior to application to ensure good bond results. If applying to wood, rub
down with glass paper, dust off to give a ‘KEY’ for the adhesive. Apply evenly to both surfaces with a
comb applicator and press the surfaces together. Rub down with a small wallpaper roller to make sure it
has a good adhesion. Wipe off any excess using a damp sponge. Check assembly after 20 minutes, in
case of movement. Tools can be cleaned in warm water.

Case Studies

  • Priceless protection at Thornham Parva Church

    Protecting the unique oak retable at Saint Mary’s Church.

  • Protecting Glebe Barn cottage in Wales

    Self-closing hinges and door upgrading fireproof paper used in Glebe Barn.

Order References / Sizes

 IA           IA intumescent Adhesive                                                  310ml tube           ½ litre           1 litre            2½ litres             5 litres