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Intumescent expansion joints

Product 39


Compressible, intumescent-lined fireproof sponge for use as an expansion or movement joint

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Compressible fireproof sponge strips with foil-clad intumescent material on one or two sides, for use as movement or expansion joints. They are easy to install and unaffected by water or chemicals.


– Extremely versatile, providing up to 240 minutes protection in a range of applications, for example:- As movement or expansion joints in fire walls, floors, concrete slabs and steelwork
– As a cavity joint between brickwork and timber structures
– Around ventilation ducting as a movement and anti-vibration joint
– As a seal over the tops of cable trays passing through protected building elements

Application Instructions

Made in a range of sizes to suit gaps up to 120mm wide, the expansion joints are easily installed giving
protection to both horizontal and vertical gaps. Simply compress into narrow gaps or apply to one side
of a wider gap, using double sided tape on one face to adhere in place. The sponge and intumescent
expansion joint allows for movement but, in the event of a fire, will completely fill the gap.

Order References / Sizes

REF                        GAP SIZE                                    WIDTH OF SEAL

E1/10/25                005 – 011mm                                       25mm

E1/20/30                012 – 020mm                                       30mm

E1/30/30                021 – 032mm                                       30mm

E1/40/30                025 – 042mm                                       30mm

E1/50/30                030 – 052mm                                       30mm

E1/60/40                042 – 062mm                                       40mm

E1/70/50                061 – 074mm                                       50mm

E1/90/50                071 – 095mm                                       50mm

E1/100/50             091 – 104mm                                       50mm

E1/120/50             100 – 120mm                                       50mm