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Fireproof sponge and profile sponge

Product 41


Sheets of fire resistant sponge, ideal for use under roofing sheets

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This fireproof sponge is incombustible and emits no toxic fumes. It slowly degrades in a fire, thus providing an extremely effective fire-stopping barrier. Supplied in standard strips and sheets.


– Provides up to 138 minutes fire protection- Can be cut to various profiles and used under roofing sheets as a fire break
– Ideal for use between walls and floors, or packed around small openings as a penetration seal
– Can be faced with Cement Filler (Product 63) to provide an even more effective seal

Case Studies

Order References / Sizes

REF                    Size in mm           Priced per linear metre

F1020                    10 x 20

F1030                    10 x 30

F2020                    20 x 20

F2030                    20 x 30

F3030                    30 x 30

F4030                    40 x 30

F5030                    50 x 30

F5050                    50 x 50

F6030                    60 x 30

F6060                    60 x 60

F7040                    70 x 40

F7030                    70 x 30

F10040                100 x 40


Other sizes made to order


Larger F sponge in sheet form – 1 metre x 1 metre and 1 metre x 2 metre. For ½ hour – 30mm into wall. For 1 hour – 50mm into the wall. For 2 hours – 70mm into the wall. For 4 hours – 100mm into the wall.













Can be supplied in greater thickness.





For profile sections either cut to size, ready to fit for one hour and two hour protection, or in one metre lengths for one or two hour protection to cut on site to the required depth. Just compress and fit into the opening. The sponge can be used under roofing sheets, between walls and floors, or as packing around small openings and can be faced with Envirograf® CF Cement Filler (Product 63). The sponge is also available in sheet form.


REF                        PROTECTION                                      A             B             C             D                                                       


MPF                        1 hour                                                    30mm    70mm    60mm       40mm


MPF/2                    2 hours                                                  30mm    70mm    60mm       40mm


MPFX                     1 hour                                                    30mm    70mm    60mm    1000mm


A             Horizontal width at the top of the profile

B             Horizontal width at the bottom of the profile

C             Vertical height between top and bottom surfaces

D             Depth:

for one hour protection this is 40mm (MPF)

for two hours protection this is also 40mm (MPF/2) but is

supplied with a white coating on one face.


MPFX is for one hour protection only and is supplied in one metre lengths (D = 1000mm).

For special sponge profiles in 1 metre lengths, state the measurements A, B, and C when contacting the sales department.