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Protecting Glebe Barn cottage in Wales


Self-closing hinges and door upgrading fireproof paper used in Glebe Barn.

Many consider the Welsh countryside with high rolling hills and deep valleys, to be amongst the most striking in the United Kingdom. Many Welsh country properties were traditionally built to last. However, some have been left to fall into decay. Over the years, many dilapidated outbuildings have been eagerly purchased and upgraded into prestigious rural homes. Glebe Barn near Abergavenny is a prime example of this. B&M Caldicot Building Contractors of Abergavenny accepted the task of converting Glebe Barn. During the refurbishment, new ledged-and-braced doors manufactured from oak were chosen, to enhance the beauty and quality of the home. The doors needed to offer additional protection against fire. Following a meeting with fire consultant Dave Alsop of Cotswold Intumescent Services and Jayson Brown Carpentry & Joinery, a solution was agreed for the fire protection of the doors, in which Envirograf® Product 84 fireproof paper was sandwiched between the two 16mm thick boards of the ledged-and braced doors by bonding with Envirograf® Product 46 intumescent adhesive, to form fire-rated doors with a 20mm thick brace. In addition, to avoid the need for unsightly external door closers, fire-rated Envirograf® Product 71 self-closing hinge sets were used.

Products used

Water-based intumescent adhesive (IA)Hinge, Lock and Door Closer Fire ProtectionFireproof paper for upgrading ceilings and walls


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