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Intumescent material and panelled door upgrade kits

Product 38


Kits to upgrade panelled doors of various thicknesses to 30-60 minute fire doors

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A comprehensive system for upgrading flat paneled doors to fire-rated doors. Consisting of intumescent cloth with 1mm thick fireproof card face and contact adhesive. Specifically designed for use in conjunction with Product 42 intumescent paint for timber.


– Intumescent cloth can be applied to existing panelled doors in order to upgrade them to 30 minute fire doors- Intumescent cloth can also be used between 6mm plywood panels if new doors are being made, giving 30 minutes of fire protection
– Used in conjunction with Product 42, this system can upgrade new or old standard doors to give them a 60-minute fire rating
– Fireproof card face is available in standard white, faced with Gaboon or birch ply, or in a range of veneers – see Order References for our full range of finishes

Application Instructions

Because our upgrade kits must be applied in a specific way in order to achieve the specified fire ratings, we advise using the downloads available on the right-hand side of the page. Here, in-depth Application Instructions for the range can be found, arranged by individual coating, primer or top coat. The Technical Overviews summarise the recommended usage of the coatings, including spreading rate and drying times. COSHH data is also available to download.
Please contact our technical team for any further enquiries relating to the application or specification of this product.

Case Studies

Order References / Sizes

REF        ES/MP (1220mm wide)

For making new panelled doors.


ES/MP/900 (900mm wide) on a roll

ES/MP/FC3/2                                                        1000mm x 1220mm sheet (minimum 20 sheets)

ES/MP/FC3/3                                                        1220mm x 2000mm sheet (minimum 20 sheets)


ES/MP/GP             with Gaboon ply facing             1200 x 1200mm

ES/MP/V                Veneered sheet – Ash               1200 x 1200mm

Veneered sheet – White Beech*                      1200 x 1200mm

Veneered sheet – White Oak                            1200 x 1200mm

Veneered sheet – Cherry*                                 1200 x 1200mm

Veneered sheet – Pine                                      1200 x 1200mm

Veneered sheet – Sapele                                  1200 x 1200mm

ES/MP/PLY           with 1.8mm birch ply facing (stripped doors) 1500 x 1500mm sheet

*Check for availability – not a stock item


REF                                                                                                        310ml tube           ½ litre    1 litre     2½ litres                5 litres

IA            intumescent Adhesive

REF                                                                                                                                        ½ litre   1 litre     2½ litres                5 litres

TCA        Thixotropic Contact Adhesive (to adhere plywood)

(not available in tubes)

“Fire door – Keep Shut” self-adhesive label for the door (each).