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FB70 Fire Barrier Curtain

Product 57

FB70 Fire barrier curtain

Intumescent-coated fire curtain to provide 81 minutes protection and Class 0 spread of flame

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Fire Barrier Curtain (FB70)

Fire curtain FB70, a 1.2mm thick x 1220mm wide reinforced glass cloth curtain impregnated with yellow Envirograf® insulation coating. Therefore, giving up to 81mm minutes fire integrity. Affixed to a range of surfaces and structures, such as trunking, steel, and wood.

  • Provides effective fire and acoustic protection, the spread of flame, insulation, and smoke sealing.
  • Ideal for use either horizontally or vertically around door frames, cable trays, ducting, and partitions.
  • For use in loft areas, from ceilings to the top of partitions, under computer floors. As well as, wrapping around trunking, steel, and wood.
  • Also, non-fibrous and dust-free, ideal for clean rooms, hospitals, and computer suites.

In addition, an acoustic version, FB70/AC, is available to meet airborne and impact sound reduction, meeting requirements of Document E of UK Building Regulations. FB70/AC is approximately 17mm thick is available with Envirograf® sponge adhered to one face of the cloth. For additional insulation, see Product 54 Insulated Fire Barrier Curtain.

See the order references tab for barrier curtain fixings.

Fire barriers provide an effective solution for rooms or areas within buildings that need fire protection. Browse our full range of Floor, Ceiling, and Wall Protection products online.

The product is Certified to IS0 9001 and in a process of ETA Certification.







– FB70 Fire Barrier Curtain is an effective barrier, providing up to 81 minutes integrity

– Can be fixed to steel, wood and between concrete soffits and suspended ceilings with Envirograf® metal straps

– Can be wrapped around steel, trunking or wood as a fire barrier

– Non-fibrous and dust free, ideal for use in clean rooms, hospitals and computer suites

– Services can be passed through the curtain – use in conjunction with Envirograf® Products 13 or 16 to provide an effective penetration seal

If additional insulation is required, please see our Insulated Fire Barrier Curtain (Product 54).

Application Instructions

All curtains are supplied with sufficient adhesive for the 50 mm overlap. The adhesive can be applied to
one face and pressed together, although it is best to apply a small layer to each face and apply
together, giving a much quicker hold. Just hold together for approximately 1 minute, to allow the
adhesive to grip. 1 litre of Adhesive is sufficient for 50 metres of curtain.
Should the Curtain be installed in a windy area, Envirograf ST50 or ST75 Class 0 Adhesive Tape can
be applied over the glued joint to hold it more securely while the Adhesive dries.
For fixing the top, bottom and ends of the Curtain: For timber supports use Envirograf FB/T Battens,
fixed through to the timber with 30 mm large head clout nails. For concrete, block or brick fixing, use
FB/C Metal Straps – 25 mm wide, with 2 mm holes every 300 mm apart. These can be fixed with spit
nails, screws, pop rivets (steel) or self tapping screws to the steel work.
Where cutting around services is required;
1. Wrap around the service with a section of the curtain and adhere together using the adhesive.
2. Cut a cross – X – in the barrier to allow the service through. Once the service is wrapped,
adhere the cut area of the curtain to the wrapped service.
3. If necessary, fit a patch over the curtain with the adhesive, using a section of curtain as the

Case Studies

  • Barnstorming protection

    Fire barrier curtain protecting thatch roof at Mosely’s Barn.

  • Fire barrier curtain protecting bats

    Compartmentalizing the roof space whilst allowing free bat movement.

  • Thatch roof fire protection made simple

    Fire protection curtain for thatch roof installed in Cottenham, Cambridge

Order References / Sizes

FB70/1220            1220mm                                                                81 minutes rating


ACOUSTIC FB70 FIRE BARRIER CURTAIN                                                                                                                                                  

FB70/1220/AC     1220mm wide      16½ mm thick      81 minutes rating



For steel, timber or concrete or suspended ceilings fixing. 

REF                        LENGTH                                                                                                                                       

FB/C1                     1000mm


For use with Envirograf fire barrier curtains, to enable maintenance access through the curtain

REF                        TO SUIT OPENING SIZE                                                                                                                                       

C/CONC1               885mm wide x 1080mm high

C/CONC1               1000mm wide x 1500mm high


Pre-drilled metal plates for ease of fixing.                                                                                                                                 

FB/FP                     30mm x 40mm

Where the curtain is in contact with T-bars, we can supply a U-clip which enables the curtain to be folded over the T-bar and U-clips pressed onto T-bars with pliers.

 FB/CLIP3               For suspended ceilings fit one every 500mm

TB                           Turn Button Clip for making door openings

White adhesive tape for joints and around services.

ST50                      50mm wide          50m roll

ST75                      75mm wide          50m roll

Fireproof adhesive is supplied for the 50mm overlap joints – brush applied. If extra is required, order the following:                                                                                     

FPA/WT                 Fire proof adhesive (water-based) 310ml

FPA/W                    Fire proof adhesive (water-based) per litre

See Product 137 for aerosol spray adhesive 500ml (HI-TAK)