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Slotted Ventilation Grilles at Oxford

Slotted ventilation grilles were supplied to and installed by Evolutions Fire Protection Ltd

Envirograf provided approx 500 slotted ventilation grilles to Evolutions Fire Protection for a site at Slade Park, Oxford. The grilles offer effective fire protection to any given substrate, when fitted correctly. Evolution Fire fitted the grilles over the top of openings to the wall to improve ventilation. They used the correct fixings and maintained a flush, surface mounted fix, using all possible fixture holes.

When asked about the installation and ordering of the product, an installer from Evolution Fire Protection stated that ‘the order was made in the morning one day, and turned up on site the next! The instructions are very clear and this has made our job a lot easier than it could have been, plus the customer is happy because we were able to get the job completed in a speedy manner due to speed of gaining the product from Envirograf’.

The grilles consist of two metal plates:-

  1. the top plate being the face of the grille, and;
  2. the second plate that sits beneath the top plate has intumescent for fire protection.

In the event of a fire, the intumescent will expand to cover the grille, thus preventing firespread and damage.

MG or MGL intumescent grilles are available in a full range of sizes.

Products used

MG intumescent ventilation grilles (slotted)


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