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Pillow talk prevents unnecessary exposure in Hospital


Intumescent gap filling products have been used to protect services in Weston General Hospital. Products 1, 5 , 41

1-Intumescent_pillows-Weston_HospitalWeston General Hospital is a very busy hospital with thousands of people passing through it daily: patients, staff, tradesmen, and visitors. To ensure that the facility operates efficiently, thousands of metres of cables, pipes, and ventilation ducts have been installed throughout the hospital. With these services passing through the hospital wards, theatres, and waiting rooms, the need for a robust fire prevention policy is essential. In vulnerable areas such as plant rooms and kitchens, cables, pipes, and other services necessarily need to pass through walls in order to connect with other hospital services. In the event of fire, services passing through walls potentially expose the buildings to the spread of fire and smoke. Passive fire prevention measures are a vital part of the safeguards a responsible health authority needs to provide in order to protect the occupants and visitors to its buildings.

1-Intumescent_pillows-Weston_Hospital3ER Hemmings of Yate, Bristol, the main contractors in the hospital refurbishment programme, contacted fire consultant Martyn Young of Cotswold Intumescent Services Ltd to provide fire protection for the east wing boiler room. Martyn recommended the use of Envirograf® Product 1 (intumescent pillows) for placement around the cables and pipes in the wall openings, and they can be removed for maintenance work and subesquently re-positioned when work has been completed. Tags can be fitted to attach the pillows to the wall, to prevent their loss through negligence or mischief. In addition, Envirograf® Product 5 (intumescent-coated non-fibrous slabs) were utilised because of their lack of harmful fibres, making them ideal for use in operating theatres, recovery rooms, etc. For extra protection, Martyn also suggested the use of Envirograf® Product 41 (black fireproof sponge) for extra sealing around the edges of openings.

Products used

Intumescent fire and smoke stop pillowIntumescent Coated, Non-Fibrous SlabsFireproof Sponge and Profile Sponge


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