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Intumescent steel paint used over existing coating


Intumescent steel paint used to protect swimming pool to provide 1 hour fire protection.

As part of a refurbishment project, John Newling of Staybrite Decor, Bournemouth had the task of painting the existing steel roof structure in a swimming pool to provide one hour of fire protection, but there was an existing coating to deal with. Normally, this would have involved closing the pool, draining it, and then stripping the existing coating from the steel, which would have incurred considerable repair costs and loss of revenue to the local authority. To avoid the cost and inconvenience of stripping, fire consultants Advanced Fire Prevention Ltd, Poole were contacted to solve this problem. They proposed Envirograf® Product 83 intumescent coating system for steel. This has the advantage that it can be applied over any previously-coated surfaces, without the need to strip existing paint. This system saved a considerable amount of money, both in labour costs and revenue for the leisure centre, as the application was done during the night. In addition to being decorative, the products used in this project had to be resistant to the chlorine and water vapour from the pool below, so the system comprised Envirograf® ES/FS/P primer, EP/FS/IN intumescent paint for steel (tinted blue) and HW-CRC chlorinated rubber top coating (tinted blue).

Products used

Intumescent Coating for Steel


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