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Protecting a Pharmacy conveyor belt


Motorised drop curtain helping to protect Royal Glamorgan Hospital.

Royal Glamorgan Hospital is a relatively new hospital serving the 270,000 residents of Pontypridd, Rhondda, and Cyon valleys. The pharmacy department at Llantrisant is a state-of-the-art facility using a conveyor belt system to deliver the drugs. The conveyor system passes through a wall from the dispensing area to the main reception. Fire risk assessments show that the space area above and around the conveyor belt could be a prime route in which fire and smoke could spread to other areas. It is vital to seal off the area around the conveyor belt to give time to evacuate the premises. Fire consultant Dave Alsop of Cotswold Intumescent Services Ltd was contacted to provide a robust barrier to seal off the risk area. Dave suggested the use of an Envirograf® Product 90 motorised fire and smoke curtain. This connects to the fire alarm system. When the alarm is activated, the curtain lowers to provide a robust barrier. After the emergency, it can be rewound to its original position. Normally, the lower edge of the curtain would close onto a flat surface but, in the case of the conveyor belt, an extra piece of curtain was added to close up the gap onto the belt. To protect the side of the conveyor belt Product 40 fireproof sponge was sandwiched between the wall and the metal structure of the belt and Envirograf® Product 7 intumescent wraps were used between the timber surround and the frame.

Products used

Intumescent wraps for pipes and cablesFireproof Sponge and Profile SpongeAutomatic Fire and Smoke Curtain


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