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Refurbishment hinges on Envirograf® products


Self-closing hinges used to comply with building regulations.

With a price tag of £2,000,000 for an extremely tasteful seven-bedroomed refurbished domestic property in Shenfield, Essex, developer Terry Bellett Properties of Billericay had to ensure that many of the property’s internal doors had 30 minutes minimum fire resistance. Eighteen doors were protected and each door also needed a closing device to ensure it was not left open to become a fire hazard. The task of completing the refurbishment work fell to Paul Holland of PMH Interiors. Paul enlisted the help and services of Vic Lewis of Fire Prevention Products (Essex and Suffolk) to provide technical advice on passive fire prevention in the property. Vic suggested the use of Envirograf® Product 103 RFC/CS door protection kits, each containing enough clear semi-gloss intumescent coating to achieve 30 minutes minimum fire protection. Envirograf® Product 71 self-closing hinges were also chosen, to ensure the automatic closure of doors, eliminating the need for an unsightly external door closer. The hinge and lock areas were also protected by Envirograf Product 71 intumescent paper, fitted behind the lock and hinges. Timber doors contract and expand with variation of ambient temperature, so each self-closing hinge can be adjusted independently to close doors with various frame gaps. Envirograf® push-fit intumescent fire and smoke seals were also used on the doors to simplify fitting and to seal the gaps between the door and frame in the event of fire. These seals are available in a range of colours, with either rubber smoke seal or brush smoke seal. They are simply pushed into a suitable rebate with no need for adhesive, and they can be removed and re-fitted easily for maintenance.

Products used

Hinge, Lock and Door Closer Fire Protection


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Envirograf ® products are tested to British Standards & European Standards at approved test centres.

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