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Hinge, Lock and Door Closer Fire Protection

Product 71


Flexible intumescent sheet used to protect metal hinges, locks and door closers in a fire

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Hinge Fire Protection

Hinge fire protection, flexible intumescent protection sheet 1mm thick. Placed within the hinge, lock, or door closer space. Designed to protect metals and doors from overheating in a fire. Unaffected by moisture.

  • Supplied in standard sizes for quick and easy fitting (some with self-adhesive backing, whilst others are plain).
  • Ideal for use behind hinges and steel door closures and completely wrapped around the hidden parts of lock hardware on a fire-rated door.
  • When installed, the sheet compresses without compromising its protective qualities. Unlike mastic, which is ineffective for hinge, lock, and door closure protection.
  • Subsequently, the intumescent paper cools the lock, hinges, and screws and protects them from overheating in the event of a fire.

Under UK Building Regulations, all door furniture must be protected by intumescent material.

Furthermore, in a number of fire resistance tests, the product protected ironmongery.

New CE-approved self-closing hinge (Set of 3) – Self-closing hinge set, available in brass finish, brown, chrome finish, stainless steel, bronze, and white.

Fire-rated intumescent plugs – a plastic tubular plug containing flexible intumescent material for fixing into holes in solid surfaces. Moreover, protects hinges by cooling them down in the event of a fire. In addition to this, the intumescent expands around the hinges, cooling the metal. Available in 38mm lengths with a diameter of 6mm or 8mm.

Our products upgrade doors to Fire Door rating, in compliance with Building Control. Browse our full range of Fire Door products and Fire Door Accessories online


– Supplied in standard sizes to make installation quick and convenient- Protects metalwork on doors for up to 91 minutes
– Intumescent paper cools the lock, hinges, and screws and protects them from overheating in the event of a fire
– Self-closing hinges can be individually adjusted, for example to have more tension, or to allow for buckled door tops

Application Instructions

Hinge, Lock and Door Closer Protection:
Hinges: Remove hinges from both door and frame, cut the cut the Envirograf® intumescent paper to size to size,
sandwich it between hinge and rebate on both door and frame then screw the hinges back.
Lock & Keep: Remove lock, cut the Envirograf® intumescent paper to size, wrap it around the lock and sandwich it
between the lock and door as you replace the lock. Place paper under the keep plate as well.
Door Closer: Before fitting a door closer sandwich pre-cut cut the Envirograf® intumescent paper between the closer
and the door face then fasten the closer to the door. When ordering state the size of intumescent paper
required for your door closer.

Case Studies

  • Discreet self-closing hinges

    Product 71 self-closing door hinges used in a mixture of 148 homes on the Fletcher Homes Heritage Park.

  • Priceless protection at Thornham Parva Church

    Protecting the unique oak retable at Saint Mary’s Church.

  • Protecting Glebe Barn cottage in Wales

    Self-closing hinges and door upgrading fireproof paper used in Glebe Barn.

  • Refurbishment hinges on Envirograf® products

    Self-closing hinges used to comply with building regulations.

  • Royal 'encloser' on Parade passes inspection

    Self-closing hinges used instead of unsightly door closer.

Order References / Sizes

HP32 ( with self-adhesive backing )                                      32mm x 300mm

HP36 ( with self-adhesive backing )                                       36mm x 300mm

HP48 ( with self-adhesive backing )                                       48mm x 300mm

HP300                                    300mm x 300mm

LPH                                         150mm x 225mm (For Lock Areas)

Other sizes available.

ES/PLUG               38mm x 6mm intumescent-filled plastic plug for hinge screws offering 60 minutes protection


Self-Closing Door Hinges  ( for internal use only )


SCH       Set of 3 Hinges, including screws

Chrome, white, brown, polished brass, and stainless steel finishes