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Under-floor fire barrier protects Grade 1 Porch House


Grade 1 star listed Porch House protected with under-floor fire barriers.

The Grade 1 star listed Porch House in Swan Hill, Shrewsbury, dating from 1628, has been delightfully converted into two luxury apartments, one fivebedroom and one three-bedroom. The front of the building retains the original Tudor-beamed look, but the rear of the property has more Edwardian characteristics. The restoration task was undertaken by Everlasting Estates, a subsidiary of MM Hotels. Steve Perry, their spokesman, explained how every minute detail of this historic building was considered. Complying with current building regulations and strict English Heritage demands was certainly a challenge but, to ensure the building could meet stringent fire regulations with the minimum of disruption and a number of Envirograf® products have been supplied to assist in this compliance. The photographs show how the Envirograf® under-floor fire barrier and acoustic sponge insulation being used between the two apartments. The barrier was chosen for its outstanding fire protection performance figure of 104 minutes integrity with insulation and sound absorption qualities. The previous owners had modernised the fireplaces in the 70s and the replacement units were not in keeping with the age and look of the property, so the fireplaces had to be lovingly restored to their previous glory. The wood panelling, which is reputed to be around 300 years old and originally brought from Europe via the River Severn, has also been treated with Envirograf® fire prevention coatings.

Products used

Underfloor Fire Barrier and Acoustic Barrier


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