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Fireproof Upgrade for Exposed Steel Beam

fireproof upgrade for steel beam

Nicola and Alex upgraded the steel beam in their home extension using our Intumescent Coating for Steel.

More of us are now embarking on renovation and extension projects at home. The hashtag #homerenovation has nearly 4 million posts on Instagram alone! One of the most important things to ensure with any renovation project is that all building and fire safety standards meet Approved Document B of UK Building Regulations.

When we were first tagged in @42_stories_  stunning extension project, we were in awe of the incredible results. Not only were we impressed with the gorgeous space they had achieved, but also that they had chosen Envirograf® Product 83 to upgrade their exposed steel beam to meet fire standards. See their process below.

Fireproof Exposed Steel Beam Project

Before painting could commence, the beam needed cleaning. Using wire wool, hot water, and washing up liquid. As it was already coated in red oxide primer when it arrived, the beam was ready for the next step.

fireproof upgrade for steel beam

Beam after cleaning.

After contacting us and providing the beam size and dimensions, Envirograf calculated the volume of paint required to fireproof the beam. Nicola stated: “This was so helpful! We chose to have it colour-matched to the bifolds and windows (RAL 7021)”.

fireproof upgrade for steel beam

Envirograf Intumescent Coating for Steel

Regarding the application of our product, Nicola said: “This was the beam after 1 coat – really good coverage but we knew (after speaking to Envirograf) that we needed to use the full amount of paint which was sent to make sure it was adequately fireproofed. We used frog tape around the edges as the paint was so thick it was hard to get a clean edge otherwise. We used a brush for the edges and a mini roller for the rest of the beam.”

fireproof upgrade for steel beam

The beam after 3 coats.

What an incredible finished project:

fireproof upgrade for steel beam

The most recent update of the beam.

For more information on how Envirograf can provide passive fire protection for your home or for your next project, contact us via email or telephone +44 (0) 1 304 842 555.

All images provided by Nicola and Alex from @42_stories_. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.


Products used

Intumescent Coating for Steel


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