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Fireproof parachute on the up


Fireproofing a parachute with 3-2-1 Spray.

Probably the most unusual request to be received by fire consultants Anglian Intumescent was the fire-proofing of a parachute, and the task was undertaken at Intumescent Systems Ltd. The pictures above show how the parachute had to be carefully spread across a large area to ensure that all of the material was covered with Envirograf® Product 66 (3-2-1 fire retardant spray). However, the parachute will never be used for descent from an aircraft but as an highly unusual ceiling decoration in a night club. The Envirograf® 3-2-1 fire retardant sprays are extremely versatile, and they have been used successfully to fireproof canvas, cardboard, carpets, Christmas trees, clothing, curtains, linen, polystyrene, polyurethane furniture, tents, upholstery, and wallpaper.

Products used

3-2-1 Standard Fire Retardant Spray


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