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Beach huts and cabins protected against arson


Flame retardant and fire protection coatings used to protect beach huts at Tankerton seafront.

Wooden structures such as beach huts and cabins in isolated areas have all too often been an opportunity for arsonists. Many rare and expensive historic huts and cabins have been damaged or destroyed beyond repair by accidental and malicious fires. To ensure that your property does not become yet another statistic, urgent fire protection is needed. Many owners do not know the type of protection they need or where to obtain it. If you are unsure about the protection you require, contact your local fire brigade or local authority building control department for advice appropriate to your circumstances. There are two types of protection available: flame retardants to inhibit the spread of flames across a surface, and fire protection coatings to stop the materials from burning through. Clearly, flame retardants are very important, but fire protection coatings offer a higher level of protection. Envirograf® Product 42 (HW range) is a fire protection coating system which, according to the type, density, and thickness of material, offers up to 30 or 60 minutes of fire protection to comply with the requirements of BS476 Part 22 (1987). The coating is available in white or clear finish and can also be supplied with extra UV protection. It is also available to order in a range of BS and RAL colours. Envirograf® Product 92 (ES/VFR range) is a flame retardant coating to comply with the requirements of BS476 Parts 6 & 7 (1987) Class 0 & Class 1 spread of flame and it can also be supplied with extra UV protection. Class 1 is granted when a fire close to the material only blackens it at the point of contact and does not allow the fire to spread across it. Class 0 is a fire propagation test, which means that the coated material not only prevents the spread of flame across its surface but also stops fire from penetrating into the material for up to thirteen minutes. An example of this useful protection is the timber police hut at Tankerton seafront in Kent which has been successfully protected for many years.

Products used

Intumescent Paint for Wood (HW System)Fire Retardant Coating for Timber (ESVFR & QVFR)


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Envirograf ® products are tested to British Standards & European Standards at approved test centres.

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