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Royal ‘encloser’ on Parade passes inspection


Self-closing hinges used instead of unsightly door closer.

The appearance of fine quality fire doors in old buildings has often been spoiled by the use of ugly door closers. A growing number of conservationists dislike the use of conventional surface-mounted or rebated door closers and they have been searching for a practical alternative which offers some fire protection. One such person was Owen Cook of NAP Property Services. He was very keen to find an alternative to an unsightly door closer for an apartment conversion project at the Royal Parade in Penarth. Owen approached Dave Alsop of Cotswold Intumescent Services Ltd to provide an æsthetically-pleasing and cost-effective product to satisfy his exacting requirements. Dave recommended the use of Envirograf® Product 71 self-closing hinges with fitted intumescent material which absorbs heat from hinges in a fire. The Envirograf® self-closing hinges have successfully passed a UKAS-accredited FIRA product fatigue test comprising 80,000 opening and closing cycles on heavy doors. The hinge with intumescent protection offers up to one hour of fire protection to BS476 Part 22 (1987). The self-closing hinges can be used on a range of doors from lightweight to heavyweight, and they are available in antique brass, polished brass, brown, chrome, stainless steel, and white finishes. Both the building owner and the architects, Connections Design of Cardiff, are delighted with the appearance and operation of the hinges and, for this conversion, they chose the polished brass finish. However, we let the project’s carpenter summarise: “The hinges look good, work well, and are easy to fit – they do what they say on the box”.

Products used

Hinge, Lock and Door Closer Fire Protection


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