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Thatch roof fire protection made simple


Fire protection curtain for thatch roof installed in Cottenham, Cambridge

Restoring the past and protecting the future is a top priority for the owner of this old and previously dilapidated thatched cottage in Cottenham, Cambridge. Attention to detail during refurbishment, repointing, and rethatching was a crucial factor in this project, but the need for fire protection to protect the family was just as important. Fire protection is often ignored or overlooked by homeowners, who spend most of their funds on the aesthetics of their properties – at the expense of safety. As insurance companies are now looking ever closer at vulnerable properties like thatched cottages, the need for basic fire protection becomes more of a necessity for homeowners. The building contractor, Northover Construction, used a yellow Envirograf® FB70 fire barrier curtain over the roof trusses of this cottage. If the thatch is ignited accidentally or maliciously, this curtain ensures that the the rest of the property is protected. Also, if a fire started in the rooms below the roof, then the thatch is also protected. The curtain has been independently tested for 81 minutes protection to BS476 Part 22 (1987).
This inexpensive, but very effective, fire protection curtain is just part of a vast range of Envirograf® passive fire prevention products. Other items to protect from fire in the home include carpets, electric wiring, fabrics, and wood.

Products used

FB70 Fire Barrier Curtain


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Envirograf ® products are tested to British Standards & European Standards at approved test centres.

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