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A Quality Finish at Kilworth House Hotel


Range of passive fire protection products used at Kilworth House Hotel.

Built in 1888, Kilworth House was a family residence for the local High Sheriff. Remaining in private ownership for many years, until purchased in 1999 by its present owners. The current owners have restored this property into a luxury hotel with forty-one bedrooms and ten conference rooms. Set in thirty-eight acres of attractive, undulating south Leicestershire parkland. Additionally, Kilworth House has its very own theatre in the orange grove area, offering guests candlelit performances

The architects, Corporate Architecture of Leicester, had a brief from the owners to restore the original building as well as providing additional accommodation to strict Victorian values. Ensuring that all building regulations were met. Envirograf® passive fire prevention products were chosen for fireproof upgrades to much of the ornate ceiling work, doors, and wooden features. On the first floor, a large opening was flanked by columns and required protection against fire. This problem was easily solved with an Envirograf® Product 90 fire and smoke motorised drop curtain, activated by the fire alarm system.

Many hotel doors were original period doors, so care had to be taken to ensure retention of their original character and beauty. As well as conforming to fire regulations. For the white doors, Envirograf® Product 38 intumescent membrane paper and Product 42 (HW01) white coating was used. For other wood products, use Product 42 (HW02) clear coating for one-hour protection.

The fire and smoke protection curtain installed on the first floor of the hotel is a motorised version of Envirograf® Product 90. In the event of a fire will drop to provide sturdy protection against the fire. Additionally offering a safe escape route for hotel guests and staff. The picture above right shows how the curtain was carefully concealed into the recesses of the surrounding walls. Rendering it virtually invisible to the hotel guests.

The hotel’s decorative lath-and-plaster ceilings shown above have been upgraded with Envirograf® Product 105 (EP/CP) coating which offers one hour of fire resistance to the ceiling. The coating can be easily applied by brush or roller and can be coloured to BS or RAL colours or to match the English Heritage colours. Envirograf® Product 84 (fireproof paper) has been used to upgrade some of the existing ceilings.

Products used

Panelled door fire upgrade kitsIntumescent Paint for Wood (HW System)Fireproof paper for upgrading ceilings and wallsAutomatic Fire and Smoke CurtainFire Retardant Coating for Timber (ESVFR & QVFR)Fire Resistant Coating for Lath and Plaster


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