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Protecting rural wooden log cabins

Wood cabins protected4

Intumescent fire retardant coating helping to meet fire regulations.

Wood cabins offer superb accommodation for people who relish rural tranquility and also have an insatiable desire to get closer to nature. Cabins come in various shapes, styles, and sizes. With so many excellent designs to select from, the final choice seems to be a style that embraces the intended environment and which best suits the needs of the intended occupants. Rural Accommodations, Preston, Lancashire (Phone: 01772 252581 – Email: is a supplier of quality log cabins, even for difficult situations. An example of this was the provision of a log cabin for a family retreat, with an appearance to complement the landscape on a remote island in Scotland. After the new cabin was designed and approved, it was then built on the island, next to an existing old Nissen hut. Tools and materials for the cabin construction had to be flown in by helicopter and the whole project took 12 days to complete. With the expected harsh winters in that part of the world, the structure of the cabin had to be protected from the elements. To ensure that the cabin does not fall prey to either an accidental or malicious fire, Rural Accommodations contacted fire consultant Sandra Hale of CH Materials Ltd, Morecambe for advice on fire prevention. Sandra suggested the use of Envirograf® Product 92 (ES/VFR flame retardant coating). This coating system complies with BS476 Parts 6 & 7 (1989) Class 0 and Class 1 spread of flame requirements (tested on a number of surfaces), and Classification A1-B/S1/d0 of European Standard EN13501-1 Parts EN13823: 2002 single burn test (SBI) and EN11925-2: 2002 ignitability. The Envirograf® Product 92 (ES/VFR) water-based coating system is available in both clear or white finishes and it is very quick and simple to apply by brush, roller, or spray. This flame retardant system has also been used on many other projects, to protect bamboo, chipboard, decorative laminates, plywood, MDF, melamine, timber, etc.

Products used

Fire Retardant Coating for Timber (ESVFR & QVFR)


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Envirograf ® products are tested to British Standards & European Standards at approved test centres.

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