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Steel Paint for Metalworks in Ramsgate

External application of Product 83 – Intumescent Coating for Steel and Aluminium onto structural steelwork

It is our privilege to show you this project that our installers completed on a refurbishment to a factory unit. The unit was being turned into a veterinary surgery and required all of the structural steelwork to be fire rated for both integrity and insulation.

Envirograf are the world’s leaders in passive fire protection products and manufacture over 150 products to protect buildings, by providing compartmentation, integrity and insulation with the use of intumescent, to expand under heat, which provide a protecting layer that stops fire from spreading or degrading the fabric of the building.

In this case study we are showing the use of our, Product 83 – Intumescent Paint for Steel, which is being applied both internally and externally of the building to provide protection to existing and newly constructed steel work.

The coating is designed to activate at 120 degrees and in this event, will expand slightly to provide an insulating layer of coating between the fire and the substrate to stop the heat from getting into the steel structure. This is provided by the coating being built up over a number of layers to give a certain amount of microns of intumescent dependant on the steel that it is being applied to.

In terms of application, we at Envirograf a quite unique in terms that you do not need to shot blast any steelwork prior to application. A light rubdown and primer coat are applied to the steel before the intumescent is applied. The steel calculation booklet that we provide shows how much coating is required to upgrade each steel that you are required to protect, and then a top coat would be coated on top of the intumescent after it has dried to protect from weathering. Installers are able to apply this coating by brush, roller or spray, however please note that if spraying, you may need to dilute by 10% to get the coating through the sprayer efficiently. We are also able to colourise this product if required.

One of the applicators did say that even in slightly colder conditions, the coating had a nice finish and each coat dried in roughly 40 minutes meaning they were able to coat a whole section before going back to apply the next coat in the same area which made the job quicker than first thought as the drying time allowed them to have a clear scope of works as they progressed through the job. Our Intumescent steel coating system has been rigorously tested, these tests are also available on request for your viewing.


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Envirograf ® products are tested to British Standards & European Standards at approved test centres.

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