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Standing the test of time


Fire protection coatings used at Woodlands Enterprise Centre and Fairway Business Park.

Woodlands Enterprise Centre in Flimwell, Sussex is a splendid development of a native chestnut structure. This unusual egg-shaped design featured in issue 3 of Envirograf® News and the Channel 4 TV series Grand Designs. The structure was conceived in 1996 and, to ensure it was protected from accidental or malicious fire, Envirograf® Product 92 (ES/VFR) was chosen to protect the timber, supplied by John Wallis of County Passive, East Sussex to Nigel Braden of Inwood Developments, Lewes, East Sussex. ES/VFR was chosen by Nigel and John, owing to its high quality finish, water base, and Class 0/Class 1 flame retardant properties.

Nigel has used Envirograf® ES/VFR more recently to protect a commercial development, Fairway Business Park, Brighton. An exciting factor in this project is the chestnut cladding chosen to complement the setting of the business park. The versatility of the wood and its fire retardant coating offers longevity and safety. Whenever an architectural design needs to be protected externally, Envirograf® ES/VFR will surely stand the test of time.

Products used

Fire Retardant Coating for Timber (ESVFR & QVFR)


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