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Fireproof coating for The Oxford Fire Door Company

Upgrading The Oxford Fire Door Company timber doors to fire doors with HW01

The Oxford Fire Door Company specialises in joinery and crafting handmade, bespoke timber fire doors, offering a unique range of internal and external doors. Doors are available in various styles and materials which are primed in Envirograf® HW01 intumescent coating. A brush application onto the surface of the door creates an impenetrable fire resistant layer, in either a white or translucent finish. All doors are tested to FD 30 and FD 60 to the principles of BS EN 1364-1:2014 according to UK and European Building Regulations.

Historic buildings and Grade listed buildings often require permissions or other forms of authorization before original fabrics and other related materials can be upgraded and replaced to preserve character and originality. The Oxford Fire Door Company are able to craft suitable doors to match existing doors and the personality of the building, whilst offering high quality design and finesse. Existing doors which cannot be replaced can apply intumescent coating for effective fire protection.

HW01 fireproof coating provides a protective, durable layer of fire resistant paint created with intumescent. An application of 1-2 coats provides fire protection for up to 60 minutes, dependent on the thickness of the door. The intumescent expands and shields the door surface in the event of a fire, able to contain fires within an engulfed room and provide sufficient time to safely evacuate the building.

Doors are available in 45mm or 58mm thickness, with specific doors created with an added inner steel core to offer improved security and protection. Panels are designed as flat, raised, fielded or ledged to suit existing doors within homes and buildings, providing an appealing aesthetic. Designed with 15mm groove to allow for installation of smoke and brush seals for additional fire protection.

Experienced in the art of designing and crafting bespoke wooden fire doors, The Oxford Fire Door Company offers unmatched craftsmenship, tailoring doors to suitability in a range of finishes, and furthermore offer nationwide delivery.

Primed in HW01 intumescent coating, the timber doors are upgraded into fire doors which compartmentalize fires, offer sufficient time for safe escape routes and also meet UK and European Building Regulations.

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Envirograf ® products are tested to British Standards & European Standards at approved test centres.

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