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Aluminium Mullions Upgrading at WMFS Headquarters

West Midlands Fire Services HQ

Intumescent Steel Coating offered effective fire protection for Aluminium Mullions of the West Midlands Fire Services HQ Car Park

Fire Protection for Aluminium Mullions

On site at the West Midlands Fire Service HQ in Lawford Close, Birmingham, the new multi-storey car park includes Aluminium mullions that required upgrading to reach the necessary reaction to fire rating. To achieve this, Product 83 (external), our intumescent coating for metal, also followed by a spirit-based top-coat, provided the 30-minute fire protection required.

The contractor carrying out the works commented,

‘We always use Envirograf products for jobs like this. You know they’ll do the job and they have great availability and speedy delivery because everything’s made in the UK.’

Product 83 for external use is a spirit-based system for protecting steel and aluminium. An application of primer coating followed by the intumescent coating provided effective fire protection, designed to activate at 120 degrees. In the event of fire, this will expand slightly to provide an insulating layer between the fire and the substrate. The coating aims to stop the heat affecting the coated structural members. Finished with the protective top coat to the aluminium over existing paint without shot blasting. The system meets BS476 Parts 20 & 22 to satisfy Building Control.

We’ve tested our intumescent steel paint to address the popular question of the feasibility of painting Product 83 intumescent coating for steel over the existing coats of paint on top of the steelwork.

Test Details

Tests had been carried out on two equal pieces of I-beam. Both specimens were coated with 8 coats of standard paint, after which, one of them was coated with Product 83 (Including EP/FS/60P Primer). The test lasted for 150 minutes.

After the test was stopped and the charred intumescent was brushed off, we discovered that the original coatings remained unscathed.

Since the date of this test, Product 83 has enjoyed great popularity among factories, public buildings and businesses alike. Our coating provides up to 2 hour fire protection without the need to remove the existing coating.

Upon completion of the application of steel coating, official certification is provided to certify that works are completed to high standard.



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