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Suspended ceiling fire barrier

Product 152


Thick, fire resistant barrier to fit over suspended ceiling tiles, able to accommodate light fittings

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A fire resistant ceiling barrier with sponge, for use over suspended ceiling tiles. Provides up to 60 minutes fire protection, impact and airborne acoustic protection and also thermal insulation. Supplied to accomodate downlights or also air conditioning units if required. Achieves Class 0/Class 1 spread of flame.


– Made to fit over all tile styles

– Can be supplied to accommodate downlighters or air conditioning units

– Easy and quick to apply, requiring no special clothing or gloves

– Non fibrous so can be used in sterile areas, hospitals, computer rooms and clean rooms

Application Instructions

Ceiling Barrier can be easily fitted onto existing suspended ceilings by simply removing the tiles one by one and laying the board on top of them, ensuring a snug fit between the tees.

When down lights or air conditioning units are present, order a tile in conjunction with down lighter cover (Product 32) or air conditioning unit cover (Product 31). They will be supplied as complete units for easy installation. Make sure to state the position of these covers during ordering.

Order References / Sizes

Ref                Size                                Mass

CB1               600mm x 600mm           0.6kg

CB2               600mm x 1200mm         1.2kg