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Fire Cover Tents for Light Fittings

Product 31


Fire and smoke resistant covers to be fitted over light fittings and air conditioning units

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Fire Cover for Light Fittings

Our fire cover for light fittings provides effectual fire protection. Impregnated with fire-resistant material and fixed over fluorescent light fittings which are recessed into fire-rated ceilings. Fully ventilated to prevent units from overheating, providing effective fire as well as acoustic protection. Newly fitted either during installation or retrofitted to existing light fittings. Its simple design makes it easy to fit over light fittings by one person within minutes.

According to fire statistics, overheated light fittings and electrical faults are a leading cause of fire destruction to buildings and homes. With buildings left unprotected, fire and smoke rapidly spread and destroy rooms and properties. Installing passive fire products for electrical services provides multiple benefits. Such benefits include compartmentalising fire, preventing fire spread and preserving building structures. The impregnated material will contain the fire, allowing occupants to safely evacuate a building and for fire rescue services to extinguish flames before they become severe.

Tested to BS476 Parts 20-23 achieving 88 minutes integrity. As part of this range, see also air conditioning covers.

Our electrical and plumbing products meet IET wiring regulations as well as Document B & E of Building Regulations tested to European and British Standards. Browse our full range of electrical and plumbing products.


– Provides acoustic protection and up to 88 minutes integrity – Designed for use with fluorescent light fittings and air conditioning units which are recessed into fire rated suspended or plasterboard ceilings
– Easily installed by one person in minutes
– Can be fitted during the installation process, or retrofitted to existing air conditioning units and light fittings

Application Instructions

Lay the tent out flat on its back and thread the rods supplied through the centre hole.
With the tent laid out, turn it to its upright position and insert rod ends into the corresponding pockets located at each corner of the tent.
Place the tent over the light fitting and fit the cable through the ventilation hole, connecting to the light fitting according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
Pull the material away from the fitting over the T-bar at each corner and fix the material to the T-bar with the supplied clips. Pinch each clip with a pair of pliers to fix tightly.
For larger tents (FT4 and up), follow the above procedure, but be sure to fix in place where the tent lies over the T-bars with supplied clips.

Case Studies

Order References / Sizes




REFERENCES                SIZE                                                           RATING

AIR1                               400mm x 400mm x 240mm h             1 hour

AIR2                               400mm x 400mm x 280mm h             1 hour

AIR3                               600mm x 600mm x 250mm h             1 hour

AIR4                               900mm x 850mm x 240mm h             1 hour

AIR5                               900mm x 850mm x 280mm h             1 hour

FTS                                 600mm x 600mm x 50mm                     1 hour


Price includes patches and adhesive for rods and pipes