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Intumescent Coated, Non-Fibrous Slabs

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Non-fibrous intumescent slabs that can be cut to allow services to pass through

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Non-fibrous Intumescent Slabs

High-density non fibrous slabs with either black or white intumescent coating on both main faces. Designed using a fire-resistant sponge for effective fire protection. Supplied with jointing compound to fix slabs together where required. Suitable for use as a permanent fire barrier in walls, floors and ceilings, as well as around services. Where cables and services pass through, Intumescent Wraps, Firoblok Intumescent pillows or Intumescent collars are suitable to provide additional fire protection. Its pliable material makes it easy to cut or resize with a sharp blade to suit any void. Installation of non-fibrous slabs prevents irritation to skin, eyes and the respiratory system, making them suitable for rooms with computers, sterile rooms, theatres as well as food preparation areas.

In the event of a fire, intumescent will expand to form a protective layer to prevent fire spread including smoke spread. Intumescent slabs will retain fire protection qualities even when painted or decorated over. Where slabs are intended for use in large floor openings, it’s recommended to install chicken wire mesh to reinforce integrity.

Fire barriers provide an effective solution for gaps or voids within buildings that need fire protection. Browse our full range of fire barrier products.


– Due to its high density, it can be used for large openings in floors, walls and ceilings

– Non-fibrous material is ideal for use in sterile areas or clean rooms

– Ideal for use under raised flooring as a firebreak, providing 1-4 hours fire protection

Application Instructions

Envirograf NF Slab is cut to suit the opening size and you cut around any services
like a jigsaw, adhering each section or joint with the jointing compound.
Where services are PVC, i.e. Pipes and cables, Envirograf Wraps should be used,
50mm wraps for two hour fire protection and 100mm wide wraps for four hour
protection. The wraps can also be fitted around steel, copper and aluminium pipes to
stop the pipes overheating and passing the heat from one side to the other of the fire
When fitting NF Slabs in a floor opening and the mesh is being used to help supports
the slabs, the wire mesh should be laid into the opening, bending up the sides and
fixed with screws, raw-plugs and large washers, or split nailing with large washers.
Then lay the slab on top of the mesh adhering all the sides with jointing compound
and all cut joints. The whole barrier will dry hard in 10 minutes.
Where cable trays pass through the barrier so Envirograf Intumescent E1/20/30
should be fitted over cables.

Case Studies

Order References / Sizes

REF                        THICKNESS         SLAB SIZE                            PROTECTION                                                                  

NF50/5                   50mm                     500mm x 1000mm           2 hours                  White Coated

NF50/7                   50mm                     750mm x 1000mm           2 hours                  White Coated

NF50/10                 50mm                   1000mm x 1000mm           2 hours                  White Coated

BNF50/5                50mm                     500mm x 1000mm           2 hours                  Black Coated

BNF50/7                50mm                     750mm x 1000mm           2 hours                  Black Coated

BNF50/10              50mm                    1000mm x 1000mm          2 hours                  Black Coated


* Jointing compound supplied