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Cast in Concrete Fire Protection Sleeve

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Fire and smoke resistant pipe and cable sleeve installed in concrete during the casting process

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Cast in Concrete Fire Sleeve

The cast in concrete fire protection sleeve is a cylindrical metal tube, for use around services in fire-rated concrete floors or walls. A circular oblong or square metal collar with an intumescent lining, designed for setting into concrete to allow services to pass, including cables, pipes, etc.

Fitted with an intumescent, fire-resistant sponge to provide passive fire protection. You can fasten it to reinforcing mesh with wire ties, then cast into the concrete. After casting and before the concrete has set, simply wipe the ends clean with a damp cloth.

Our Cast in Concrete Fire Protection Sleeve is supplied with removable end-caps made from acoustic sponge and fireproof card.  These are easily cut to any size with a sharp blade.

  • Acoustic end caps provide excellent attenuation to airborne sound.
  • Metal end caps are an alternative solution for use after setting, allowing heavy traffic to flow.
  • Sleeves are suitable for use in either domestic or industrial applications, such as computer rooms, hospitals, laboratories, etc.

In a fire, the intumescent liner expands to fill the gap around services and blocks passage of smoke and fire.

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– The cast in concrete sleeve is installed during the construction process, the product is positioned before concrete is poured

– Allows for any type of service to pass through concrete, providing up to 4 hours of fire and acoustic protection at the point of penetration

– A long-term solution, allowing fire-rated services to be factored in during the design process of new build

Application Instructions

Secure the Envirograf® cast-in sleeve with loops of wire passed through the
fitting lugs and through the steel reinforcement mesh before casting.
Immediately after casting the concrete, wipe both end caps with a damp cloth
to clear any spilled concrete and allow to set in place.
Release the end caps by scoring around the rim tape with a sharp knife
Remove the end caps.
Use a sharp knife to cut the end caps to accommodate services and re-install
into the cast-in sleeve to complete the job.

Order References / Sizes

REF                        PIPE DIAMETER


CCS50                              40mm

CCS83                              76mm

CCS91                              83mm

CCS138                           116mm

CCS195                           166mm

CCS250                           200mm

Sleeves available in standard lengths:     150mm                       200mm                        250mm                           300mm

Other sizes can be made to special order, including square/rectangular versions. Please contact the sales department with details of the sizes you require.