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Reception Office Fire and Smoke Barrier Curtain


Westminster Motor Insurance Association gets into top gear with Envirograf® motorised fire protection.

Exactly opposite the grounds of Buckingham Palace is the trading office of an extremely busy organisation: Westminster Motor Insurance Association. As in most businesses, the main reception area of the building is in constant use by staff and visitors. These circumstances represent a potential fire risk in any organisation. The task of assessing the risk of a fire starting either in the main access corridor or in the main reception area was given to Fire Prevention Products (London) Ltd. The large open space adjacent to the reception office was deemed by FPP to need an automatically-activated fire barrier to protect both visitors and staff from the danger of fire and smoke in the office, whilst also offering reception staff a much-needed escape route. An Envirograf® Product 90 motorised fire and smoke drop curtain measuring 2.8m x 2.655m was chosen, to provide a strong and vigorous shield in case of fire. The curtain has been linked to the internal fire alarm system and, once the alarm is activated, the curtain will descend and offer up to 80 minutes of fire protection. The motor unit is used to reset the curtain after a fire drill or if the fire alarm proves to be unnecessary.

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Automatic Fire and Smoke Curtain


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