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Flame retardant for decking

Flame retardant for decking

Flame retardant coating used to protect decking.

With the rapidly increasing numbers of new sites for holiday homes and mobile residential homes sweeping the country, the risk of a devastating fire spreading from home to home cannot be under-estimated. One of the key areas for concern is decking. In recent years, this has become extremely popular and it has been installed around many of these homes. As these homes are usually in close proximity to each other, the risk of an accidental or malicious fire spreading is very high. Fire services and many local authorities have identified this problem. Some owners have been informed that new decking construction in close proximity to other units will not be allowed unless treated with approved fire retardant, and existing decking may have to be demolished unless it also is properly treated with fire retardant. To avoid flames spreading across decking, urgent fire protection treatment is required, and the most effective solution is the Envirograf® Product 92 (ES/VFR) fire retardant system. The Envirograf® ES/VFR system is an excellent water-based fire retardant coating, which can be applied by brush, roller, or spray. It is available in both clear and white finishes and it can be used over existing paint and varnish. ES/VFR satisfies the requirements of British Standards 476 Parts 6 & 7 Class 0 & Class 1 spread of flame. It can also be supplied with UV (ultra-violet) protection from the sun’s rays. To treat a deck, simply apply one coat of ES/VFR/P primer coat, then apply two coats of ES/VFR flame retardant coating, and finish with one coat of ES/VFR/EHW water-based extra hard-wearing top coat.

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Fire Retardant Coating for Timber (ESVFR & QVFR)


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Envirograf ® products are tested to British Standards & European Standards at approved test centres.

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