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Intumescent Fire Collars, Saddles and EB Boxes

One of our approved Installers, Verus Group Ltd, using our Intumescent Collars, Saddles and EB Boxes

Over the last few years there has been an upturn in the issues of fire protection both in riser cupboards and above suspended ceilings.

Here at Envirograf, we have witnessed these first hand and, in some instances, have been the only passive fire protection manufacturer able to help with providing compartmentation on horizontal and vertical penetrations and giving anywhere up to 4 hours protection with our range of products.

On many sites, new or existing, works are carried out on installations of new wiring and cabling, sometimes on cable trays or in some instances are just left hanging without the relevant fire protection being installed with it. This the same as pipework and ducting that is put in place without the regard for compartmentation. It is imperative that compartmentation is in place within a building to stop the spread of fire and hence limit the amount of damage a fire causes within a building.

To aid the process of fire protecting any given building, Envirograf have developed and tested many different products that can be fitted either in a retrospective manner or from the outset of a building development being built and this case study is focusing on 3 products that are ever more frequently being asked for as a matter of urgency, as building control officers and fire officers inspect riser cupboards and above suspended ceilings, they are finding that compartmentation has been compromised due to the lack of due diligence shown by the installer, electrician, plumber etc.

The 3 products we will focus on are mechanically fixed intumescent, collars, saddles and EB boxes. All of which are manufactured from scratch in Envirograf’s factory based in the UK. These items are fully tested to British and European Standards.

It is important to note that these products need to be installed correctly for them to do the job that they are supposed to do. This will mean that all mechanical fixtures MUST be secured to the substrate and all other manufacture guidelines must be followed when conducting the installation.

These products are designed to stay in position until required and work using the heat of the fire to expand the intumescent material that has been inset inside the metal casing at 120 degrees, this then expands to close off the hole inside the outer metal casing including any plastic product which it will crush whilst expanding. If the penetration breaking the compartment wall or ceiling is made up of metal then the intumescent will expand up to and around this to provide insulation and will stop the transfer of heat from passing through to the other side of the given substrate.

One of our approved installers, Verus Group Ltd, have been carrying out work on building sites where these products have been essential for the correct passive fire protection work to be completed.

As you can see, the fitment of these items is correct in terms of where the product is situated and the fact that all mechanical fixings are in place.

When asked by an Envirograf employee how they felt about the whole process of ordering through to fitment, Tom Ford at Verus Group Ltd stated:

“I have been using Envirograf products now for 18 months and when I put through an order, the product arrives to site the very next day, no matter which site I am on. I never have any problems with any of the products as they all come with the application data sheet, meaning that my team do not have any excuses not to fit the product correctly. We can even get an Envirograf site visit to make sure that we are fitting the product correctly, however they are so easy to use that we don’t seem to have any issues.” 

Products used

Intumescent collarFire Protection Saddles for ServicesMulti-purpose intumescent fire box


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Envirograf ® products are tested to British Standards & European Standards at approved test centres.

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