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Multi-purpose intumescent fire box

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Intumescent-lined metal box to fire seal openings around a wide range of services

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Intumescent Fire Box

A multi-purpose metal fire box lined with intumescent, with one detachable face for ease of fitting. Using a sharp blade, you can cut the sponge feed cables, cable trays, pipes, etc. Lined with intumescent along the internal edges and expands inwards at high temperatures.

In effect, the intumescent creates a powerful fire and smoke seal. In the event of a fire, the intumescent expands to form a fire as well as a smoke seal, preventing smoke and fire from spreading.

Multi-purpose intumescent fire box is designed with fixing brackets to attach using screws onto surfaces around services, including services located in difficult corners. Fire boxes are available in longer sizes to accommodate several pipes or services passing through walls or ceilings.

Suitable for recessing into hollow plasterboard walls. Furthermore, when required, the fireproof sponge is easily replaced. Available in various sizes to accommodate large pipes and, where required, also made to order.

Tested to:

  • BS476 Parts 20 and 22 (1987), achieving 4 hours of fire protection.
  • EN 1366-3:2009 & EN 1363-1:2004 achieving 75 min integrity and insulation.

Our electrical and plumbing products meet IET wiring regulations as well as Document B & E of Building Regulations tested to European and British Standards. Browse our full range of electrical and plumbing products.



– A versatile solution to the problem of services passing through walls, floors and ceilings, offering up to 4 hours protection

– Detachable face plate allows for the box to be fitted in tight corners

– Adjustable brackets can be bent flat to fit flush against flat surfaces such as walls or ceilings, or kept at a right-angled position to fit in corners

Application Instructions

For standard open areas, simply place the box over the services, use the smoke seal
if required, and screw into position. If the services are already in place, remove the
detachable section, fix the ‘U’ section first then slide back the detachable section
and fix the smoke seal if required. When the unit is flush against a ceiling,
floor, wall, or corner simply bend the fixing brackets flat and screw into position.
When using multi-purpose box to fit around existing services in a tight corner, simply
remove the detachable section and fix the ‘U’ section into position. Fixing brackets
can be bent flat if required. Replace the detachable section and fix to finish. Insert the
smoke seal if required.


Order References / Sizes

REF                        DEPTH                  INTERNAL (BOX)                EXTERNAL (BOX)  


EB  45/  50              50mm                   45mm                                   67mm

EB  55/  50              50mm                   55mm                                   76mm

EB  72/  50             50mm                   72mm                                   93mm

EB  83/  50              50mm                   83mm                                  105mm

EB115/  50             50mm                  115mm                                  138mm

EB135/  50             50mm                  135mm                                  158mm

EB166/  50             50mm                  166mm                                  196mm

EB166/100            100mm                  166mm                                  196mm

EB215/  50             50mm                  215mm                                  255mm

EB215/100            100mm                  215mm                                  255mm

EB265/100            100mm                  265mm                                  315mm

EB315/100            100mm                  315mm                                  365mm