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Protecting Electrical Consumer Units

Before & After Installing protection for Electrical Consumer Units

One of our approved installers, Evolutions Ltd, affixed our Fire Protection System to an existing Electrical Consumer Unit

This case study has been put together to remind people about the dangers of electrical appliances and circuits. These items are one of the highest factors behind fires, and because of this, a new regulation was passed in Document B Building regulations stating that new built residences must have a non-combustible material used as the casing around a consumer unit. In the UK alone, there are millions of plastic consumer units that still work perfectly well, and are already in situ, in homes and businesses all over the UK.

Envirograf® have now manufactured a product which will protect these plastic consumer units for the purpose of peace of mind and protection.


Innovative Solution

Envirograf® is one of the leading companies in fire protection, owning the world’s largest range of passive fire protection products. Our products are manufactured here in the UK and distributed worldwide. With over 250 products in our range, we feel we can cover any difficulty that passive fire throws at us. One such product is our Electrical Consumer Unit, a non-combustible cover which falls under Product 20.


This product is a rigid, non-combustible box which simply fits directly over the consumer unit or distribution board. Products are made to size and include fixing arms so that the box can be screwed directly over the top of the unit plus any conduits, trunking or cabling that connect directly into the unit. The flexible intumescent fabric surrounds the box and is then cut accordingly to allow the items to still be attached to the consumer unit. The intumescent material expands under heat and will firstly crush any plastic and seal the gap that the conduit, for example, was once in. Intumescent will seal around any metal conduit which in turn insulates it and stops the heat from spreading out of the box, (if fire has ignited within it).


Evolutions Ltd

Envirograf contacted Evolutions Fire Protection to visit them on site whilst fixing one of these boxes over a consumer unit. Ryan Farmer from Evolutions commented that the service was first class from Envirograf. He added that Envirograf were extremely accommodating due to production of bespoke sizes to meet the needs of the client. Additionally, he added that Envirograf could even put different door and hinge combination on the box to suit the customer. Ryan quotes:

“I have been a happy customer of Envirograf ever since I went to one of their training courses. Since then I have had a brilliant relationship with their staff and frequently order large quantities of their fire stopping products for use on a whole range of different jobs.”

Products used

ECU Fire Protection System for Distribution Boards


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Envirograf ® products are tested to British Standards & European Standards at approved test centres.

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