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IFB Curtains installed at Stowe House

Fire protection curtains were installed at an old heritage building, Stowe House in Buckinghamshire


Older style properties are notoriously hard to retrospectively fire rate, especially when members of the public use them on a daily basis. This is one of the issues that occurred at Stowe House in the countryside of Buckinghamshire.

Upon request of Purcell LLP Architects, Envirograf was asked to work alongside the on-site contractor, Messenger Construction, to provide compartmentation in one of the wings of this colossal house. After the initial consultation, it was determined that we would have to provide a horizontal barrier underneath the flooring of the room and also upgrade all of the doors leading off of this particular room.

Attempting to provide the barrier underneath the floor was problematic due to the misshaped walls and cable/pipe penetration through the floor, however, we were able to overcome this using the Envirograf, product 54, IFB/1 fire curtain. This was laid on top of the joists and attached with an intumescent adhesive as well as staples. Where a penetration was needed to be pierced through the curtain, a 300mm square patch was attached, along with the penetration being wrapped 300mm on each side of the breakage.

Along with this, we had to provide a fireproof mastic to seal the gap off. A further issue arose in relation to attaching the curtain to the corners of the wall and floor junction. This was resolved by wrapping a fixed baton which was pre-attached to the wall.

Envirograf manufactures an intumescent coating system to upgrade timber to 30-minute fire rating, a specific requirement for this particular project. Alongside the contractor, we were able to achieve the desired fire resistance.

Nick Jones, Site Manager for Messenger Construction, said ‘the product was readily available, and the post-sale support from Envirograf was higher than I could have ever thought, they even communicated with the architect directly to allow a seamless project to be completed on time and with no complaint.’

In the event of any historic building in need of renovation, retrospective fire-stopping and compartmentation can be carried out using Envirograf products, and if this is something that you may well require, please feel free to contact us in order to work with you in providing the protection required in any situation.


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